Unknown Details From Famous Romantic Movies (13 PICS)

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Cake toppers in The Wedding Singer

The bride doll on Robbie and Linda’s wedding cake turns out to be a reference to Julia, as they bear a strong resemblance and she is the woman Robbie decides to marry at the end of the film. So it works like a sort of premonition of what’s going to happen later in the movie. Of course, you would never know this the first time you watch it!


Rose fulfilled what she had promised to do with Jack in Titanic.

Right before that famous scene where Jack is trying to teach Rose how to spit, they were talking about someday going to the Santa Monica Pier. According to this daydream they were sharing, Jack would teach her how to ride a horse like a “man,” which is to say with one leg on each side as opposed to sitting on the horse with both legs on the same side.

At the end of the movie, when Rose appears to be sleeping, as a grandmother, we can see the picture on her nightstand, which means that she decided to go to the pier after the accident and do what she was going to do with Jack.


Costumes are adapted to the development of the characters in 13 Going on 30

At the beginning of the film, the protagonist of our movie is in her room. She’s showing her mom the magazine of things that 30-year-old women own and, in one of the shots, we can see the picture of a huge walk-in closet that’s illustrating a fashion article in the magazine as well. A few scenes later, when the protagonist finally turns 30 years old, we can see the same closet in her apartment, which makes us think that the protagonist has followed the dreams she had since she was a teenager.


The waiter from Pretty Woman also appears in The Princess Diaries 2.

In Pretty Woman, there is an iconic scene where Julia Roberts (Vivian) goes to lunch at a very fancy restaurant together with Richard Gere (Edward). Vivian, you might recall, is served snails which is a sort of delicacy that she’s never had before. As she tries to grab one of them, the snail flies through the air and a waiter manages to catch it and, to lessen the embarrassment of the accident, he says, “it happens all the time.”

In The Princess Diaries 2, when Mia is greeting guests, a bracelet flies off her wrist and it turns out that the one who catches it is the same actor who played the waiter. However, this time he’s a royal servant. What didn’t change was his line: again he goes, “it happens all the time.” This amazing Easter egg was included because Garry Marshall was the director of both films.


Izismile Videos

The cake at the end refers to a painting by Chagall that the main characters like in Notting Hill.

Spoiler alert, if you haven’t watched Notting Hill, you might want to stop reading this point. If you have seen it though, you might remember that at the end of the movie, during the wedding, we can see that the cake has a goat with a violin on it. This rather strange design comes from a painting by Marc Chagall titled The Bride. The actress mentions that “there is no complete happiness without a goat playing the violin” and we can see that, at the end of the film, they decided to have a cake with that goat as a reference to that line.


The film that refers to the plot in Love Actually

There’s a scene where you can see that Mark has a DVD of Hitchcock’s classic thriller, Rear Window. It’s sitting right there on the shelf while he’s looking for something. Hitchcock’s movie is about a person who lives his life through the lens of his camera. This reference was used because the character from Love Actually did the same too.


Reference to another film by the same director in Friends with Benefits.

In the movie Friends with Benefits, there’s a scene where Mila Kunis is at the airport holding a sign. She’s using it to welcome Justin Timberlake and in the still, we can clearly see that the sign has the following name written on it: “O. Penderghast.” While this might seem strange, the name refers to Olive Penderghast, a character played by Emma Stone in the movie Easy A. This reference was first included because both movies were made by the same director: Will Gluck.


Desk plaque referencing The Office in Crazy, Stupid, Love

In Crazy, Stupid, Love we can see famous comedian Steve Carell playing a new part after he had just finished working on the CBS sitcom The Office. Because the series was so successful, producers from Crazy, Stupid, Love thought it was a good idea to hide an Easter Egg from The Office on Emily Weaver’s desk sign where you can read “Emily Weaver, Assistant to the Vice President.”

This is a reference to a recurrent prank from the sitcom in which Dwight, one of the characters from The Office, held a position that was invented just for him to believe that he got promoted when in fact he didn’t. The title of the position was “Assistant Regional Manager.”



The name of the hospital in 50 First Dates is a reference to another movie.

The psychiatric hospital Lucy goes to when she wants to investigate what happened to her is funded by auto parts owner Tommy Boy Callahan, who is Chris Farley’s character in Tommy Boy.


The use of blue in 500 Days of Summer was inspired by Zooey Deschanel’s eyes.

In several scenes of 500 Days of Summer, we can see that the movie’s namesake wears blue dresses, shirts, and skirts. You can also tell that throughout the whole movie the color blue appears many times as a sort of secret code. This, in fact, is far from being a simple coincidence. That’s because the director and the producers found this was the most effective technique to highlight actress Zooey Deschanel’s blue eyes.


Nigel entering Bogey’s house in 10 Things I Hate About You

When Bogey is having a boring meeting at his house and he hears a knock on the door, after which he says, “That must be Nigel with the brie,” and when he opens the door, a huge group of young men comes in, but sure enough, the first one to enter the house is Nigel with a plate of brie cheese.


The t-shirt with Paul Rudd’s face in 40 Year Old Virgin

In this classic of comic movies, we can see that Cal (Seth Rogen) and David (Paul Rudd) are playing video games at Paul Rudd’s place. However, there’s a fun detail that not many people have noticed. Paul Rudd is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of his face printed on it, with the only difference being that in the picture printed there, the actor has a beard. It’s not clear why or who came up with this idea, but it’s certainly a funny one.



The reference to Saturday Night Live in the movie Hitch

When Hitch arrives to meet Albert and opens his file, you can read that one of his favorite books is I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, written by Stuart Smalley, who is a character created by a comedian from the famous show Saturday Night Live. The book actually went on sale and the main theme is self-help in personal relationships, friendships, etc., which could definitely come in handy for the characters in the movie.



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