Motorcycle Gang “Hell’s Angels” Also Has Its Rules… (4 PICS + 15 GIFS)

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Motorcycle Democracy


The Hells Angels website states, “If you have to ask, you probably will not understand the answer.” Somehow prospects get recruited. These are guys who haven’t been given member status. They are kind of like interns trying to prove themselves to the club. A vote is held to either make the prospect a full-time member or oust them. This process can legitimately take years.


No Girls or Law Allowed


The Hells Angels refer to themselves as a brotherhood. Women play an integral and essential role in making the club run, but cannot be voted in as official members. No form of law enforcement can join either. This includes prison guards and even security guards.


Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever


Once you join the Hells Angels it’s nWo 4 life! Leaving or retirement isn’t exactly an option.


The Golden Rule


Treat others how you wish to be treated. The Hells Angels treat others with respect so long as they receive it in return.


We Hope Your Hog’s a Harley


If you’re rolling with the Hells Angels you need to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Izismile Videos

Don’t Interrupt During a Meeting


In an official club meeting, stay quiet unless directly spoken to. If you have a concern make sure it’s on the agenda beforehand. A minimum fine of $100 gets doled out to rule breakers.


Sacred Vests


When a prospect becomes a member, they are given a cut (vest) with the infamous club logo and name. A charter

patch is also sewn onto the vest. If arrested you need to hand your vest to another member for safekeeping/avoiding tainting it in jail. The same rule applies if medical staff tries to cut or tear off your vest during emergency care.


Don’t Be Too Friendly


A warning on the Hells Angels website says “never combine your support to Hells Angels with other clubs, street gangs, or others if you are unaware of the relationship between those others and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.” Meaning, make sure not to fraternize with folks unless they’re cool with the club.


You Must Ride in Order


Bikers ride in order of rank and seniority. The charter president takes the lead with prospects bringing up the rear.


Pull Over Together


If one biker gets pulled over for any reason, everyone pulls over as a sign of solidarity.



You Gotta Show Up


The attendance code is crucial. If you regularly miss meetings or hangouts, it’s seen as a sign that you’re not loyal to, or serious about, the club.


Bikers Have Dress Codes?


What you can wear varies from charter to charter. That said, the general consensus is “no shorts allowed.”


Give Back to the Community


Charitable work is a requirement for most charters. Hells Angels are active community members who regularly help out during local events.


Keep Your Mouth Shut


Never talk to the media or run your mouth in public. The Hells Angels thrive in secrecy and staying tight-lipped. “We do not answer questions about members.” That counts towards missing members especially.


Protect the Angels, No Matter What


Hells Angels don’t pull punches when it comes to protecting their organization. They once sued Disney over copyright infringement for the portrayal of bikers in Wild Hogs (2007).



Don’t Mention the Apostrophe


Yes, they are aware grammatically it should could be Hell’s Angels. I don’t think they care. Do you want to tell them?


Knock-Offs Could Get You Knocked Out


There is phony Hells Angels merchandise floating around. If you’re a member, don’t get caught wearing it. You have to earn your gear and get it directly from the club.


Borders and Boundaries


Most well-known motorcycle organizations have set borders and boundaries of operation. An unwritten rule is to stay within these set limits or prepare to fight for your territory.


All of this said, I once helped a Hells Angels member pick out a router when I worked retail. He was an exceptionally polite fellow.



Jedidiah 1 weeks ago
Still a criminal organization. Members carry out widespread violent crime and organized crime, including drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods, extortion, and prostitution operations.
Parthenia 1 weeks ago
It would be interesting to see when the cancel culture mob attacks them because of their lack on inclusion, diversity and junk like that.
Gert 1 weeks ago

Poor little Parthenia should try to join them. Obviously his ideal. But I don't think whiny incels that try to turn literally anything in a whiny rant about things not trumpie enough have a chance...
Celinda 1 weeks ago
You do not need to have a Harley. You must ride an American made motorcycle. Harley Davidson is not the only American made bike. Think Indian perhaps?
Melchizedek 1 weeks ago
We were broke down on the side of the highway. The ONLY person to stop and ask if we were okay was a Hells Angel.
Jed 1 weeks ago

Criminals are not always bad. Not all the time, anyway.
Audrey 1 weeks ago
Sonny Barger himself said he would rather ride a Goldwing.
Roseanne 1 weeks ago
#4 they literally kidnap underage girls to sell them and force them into prostitution ....thats not treating others with respect any moron who thinks this bs is true has no clue of them
Ally 5 days ago
my grandpa is a member



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