DNA Tests Can Have Some Unpredictable Results… (1 PIC + 18 GIFS)

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"My real father and 3 half-siblings—it ended up being a really good discovery."


"My deeply racist backwoods Mississippi family had an African in it six generations ago. My grandma is about 5% African."


"A long-lost relative contacted me. He is the same age as my dad and looked straight-up related. He was adopted and wanted to connect with his birth family. Long story short, I found out that my grandfather had an affair with my great aunt and they put the baby up for adoption. My great aunt went away while she was pregnant and came back with no baby. It was the 60s. The family was freaking out about it trying to keep it all hush-hush. I felt bad for the guy so I did my best to help him out. So technically, he’s my uncle/cousin. And we live in Kentucky, which makes it even funnier."


"I found out that my dad is not my biological father. Turns out the family friend I grew up calling ‘grandpa’ is. Oh yea, and he was also my mom’s bariatric surgeon.

Felt weird man."


"My aunt discovered that her mother cheated on her father and she was a product of that affair, meaning she was actually only half-siblings with her 4 siblings.

The rub was that my aunt’s husband was married before he married her. The woman he was married to is the daughter of the man involved in the affair. So no one knew this, but my uncle got divorced and then married his ex-wife’s half-sister. I guess he has a type."


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"My bio-dad left his family and two daughters in Washington and married my mom in Los Angeles 5 weeks later. I found his first marriage certificate but nothing about a divorce. I’m pretty sure he was a bigamist."


"I found a half-sister that none of my siblings or mother knew about. My dad had an affair 50 years ago (he’s dead now). For us it wasn’t really a surprise, we already have a half-sister from another affair but for the newly discovered one, it answered a lot of questions and gave her some needed closure. We all met a few times, it was pleasant."


"A woman over in Chicago decided to find out who her real parents were. She was getting close to 60 and realized that there may not be much time left to find her father. So through the magic of ancestry, she was matched to my grandfather.

She reached out to him and told him who her mother was. He didn’t recognize the name but dug up his little black book and lo and behold…there she was.

So now I’ve got a new aunt!"


"My grandma found out her two sisters are actually only half-sisters.

After some snooping, she comes to find out that her real dad was the guy who owned the corner store where her mom worked growing up.




"My male cousin did one and found a female cousin we did not know about. He reached out to her and apparently our deceased uncle was good friends with her mother. Mom wanted a baby so uncle got her pregnant simply as a sperm donor.

Female cousin lived a few blocks away from my grandmother. She had met her a few times going around selling Girl Scout cookies or something. My grandmother had no idea that she was buying cookies from her granddaughter."


"My son is my 4th cousin. (We adopted him as an infant from an agency.) Fun to find that we are actually related!"


"So, I did the health DNA one 18 months ago because I wanted to see if I had the breast cancer gene. Got my results and became very confused, it claimed I had no Italian despite my father’s grandma literally coming over from Sicily in 1920. It took me a few minutes to realize what that actually meant. My parents have been together since my mother was 14, I was born when she was 17, and my father joined the military and married my mother. Called my mom and she literally said “that’s interesting.” Then she asked me not to talk to my father and she would explain everything the next time I visited. She did not and just refused I talk about it. My sister ended up doing a DNA test and it showed that we were half-siblings. I went no contact with my mother 4 months ago."


"My wife is adopted (but found her bio mom) and did one of the genetic tests. Someone matched with her and asked if she knew such and such a name. She found out her bio mom’s husband wasn’t the bio dad, it was the bio mom’s boss. oops."


"I have an uncle that was put up for adoption. He contacted my grandma and she thought he was going to extort her (they’re well off). Turns out he’s a multi, multi-millionaire on his own.

They still have limited contact, though my dad has reached out and formed a relationship. Apparently, they look exactly alike and have the same personality"



"My ex-husband’s family was proud of their Dutch heritage and claimed to be one of the founding families of the historically Dutch Holland, MI. His ancestry results didn’t show any Dutch ancestry. Instead, he had primarily English/Irish ancestry."


"That my father is a registered sex offender (parents are divorced)."


"Found out I have a different father. My dad also took a DNA test at the same time and found out his father, of 52 years, was not his biological father either.

As it turns out, I come from a line of bastards."


Experience 1 year ago
Horrible.... These tests are constantly ruining lives. Unless there is a medical reason they should be illegal.
Pandora 1 year ago
So if you don't like some outcomes, things should become illegal? Great idea, comrade.
Ronald 1 year ago

If you read the fine print on geneology tests it days "For entertainment purposes only," and if you pay for two of them you'll get two different results.
Shirley 1 year ago
Ronald, nope.
Mandy 1 year ago
Well the outcome of drunk driving might not at all be likeable. Good thing that’s illegal. This can’t be done without invading a bunch of people’s privacy.
Kate 1 year ago
Cousin submitted test of a few family members to one of these sites. Someone contacted him trying to reach out.
Father had a hook up in college, the young lady being at a Catholic college, dropped out to bring the baby to term, which was given up for adoption (the 60's). My (half) nephew reached out to us to try to talk about his mother (my half-sister) that had suicided from a rough life in the foster system and then drugs.... The tests are not ruining lives, sh#tty people are ruining lives (father included (wear a raincoat for [email protected]#ks sake)).
Sal 1 year ago
#13 There is nothing like a breast cancer gene. What you were looking for were mutations.




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