Working With Celebrities… (15 GIFS)

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“As an audio engineer I have worked with countless names including Justin Timberlake, Bieber, Metallica, Slayer, Diplo, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, Steven Stills, Skrillex, Linkin Park and so so many more. The one story I always like to bring up is working with Nickelback. They were by far my favorite band to ever work with.

First, the drummer shows up. He starts setting up his kit and is just the nicest dude. He asks me all sorts of questions about my life and shows a genuine interest in who I am as a person. One by one, the rest of the band rolls in each one as nice or nicer than the last. They like what they do and have no shame. All around they were one of my favorite experiences in the music industry. 10/10 would work with again.”


“I was a stand-in for a Nicolas Cage film. He mostly kept to himself and would walk around with a cigar being all Nic Cage-like. During one fight scene there was a small amount of fire involved and something went wrong. He got super angry and started yelling at everyone. It was awesome.”


“Dolly Parton is every bit as sweet as she seems. And she’s tiny – I am 5’2″ and was taller, even with her big hair.”


“Not me, but my dad, works backstage at a major theater in New Jersey. They are not allowed to ask for or receive autographs from guest performers. Every time George Carlin appeared there he would “accidentally” leave signed copies of his books behind for the crew.”


“I waited on Danny DeVito, he got incredibly drunk on limoncello but was the nicest man and signed my check pad. Ditto Chase and Jen Utley.”


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“Charles Barkley is a salt of the earth human being with a sweet family. I was the host at an Italian restaurant when he, his wife, and 2 children came in. He made a point to shake my hand (im the lowest on the totem poll as the host) and tell me he really appreciated me sitting him in the back away from people. He waited for the kitchen crew to get basketballs from their cars to sign. The loud mouth on the court and TV is a persona that his job requires/required. Dude is very kind.”


“I caddied for darius rucker a couple times. huge douchebag, was horribly rude to everyone. this is at a top 100 course in the world.”


“Also incredibly sweet to the entire crew despite it being clear that she was exhausted from shooting something else. I don’t get flustered by celebrities often but there is just a cloud of sultry surrounding this woman at all times and I’m amazed I held it together. unf”


“I was backstage manager for Peter Frampton at one of his shows when he first moved to Nashville. He is shorter than you expect, but larger than life on stage. One of his guitars, a black triple-humbucker Gibson Les Paul, survived a plane crash and has the burns to prove it. Frampton is a humble, genuine and talented guy.”


“My mom used to work for someone in Edgewater NJ and would often go outside for a cigarette break. She said everyday or so she would say hi to a guy with a hat and a nice big dog. This went on for 3 months or so and one day the guy comes up to her on say goodbye because he was leaving. He goes “Miss, do you know I’m Joe Pesci?”. She had no idea and said he was super nice and polite and we all think they were such good friends because she didn’t recognize him.”



“Christopher Lloyd: Warm-hearted, down-to-earth, very ADD but no surprise there. But please don’t mention BTTF; there’s a time and a place for that when he’s in the mood.”


“I used to work in a super fancy very expensive high end restaurant when I lived in LA (Beverly Hills, go figure). Anyway, I met P!nk once, she was so nice! She tipped $100 and didn’t mind when people asked for a picture or something, her daughter was with her too and the kid was so polite for such a young age. Jessica Simpson can go s#ck a [email protected]#k, although I’m sure she’s lost count on how many times she’s done that. She was insanely self entitled, called each of the servers her ‘slave’ and various other names, just an all around b#tch.”


“I did security detail for Zach Galifinakis and he is an anti social burnout that spends all day playing video games in his trailer while he smokes weed. Every day for a two weeks he just came out to eat and didn’t speak much to anyone.”


“Matt Damon stands out among the lot. He is the most down to earth actor I have ever been on set with. We chatted like old college buddies on the middle of a glacier each morning. If you are reading this Matt, you and the family welcome to come back anytime for a visit.”


“I landscaped Eminem’s house, one of, if not the coolest guy I’ve ever met. He would come out probably every hour or so and ask how we were doing, offered to get us bottles of water or sodas. Talked to him about Detroit Tigers baseball for a little bit. Really down to earth humble guy.”




Lyddy 1 year ago
#8 We all loved Natalie on the Game of Thrones set - cloud of sultry, indeed!
Elbert 1 year ago
#5 Who the [email protected]#k is Jen Utley? Wait... I don't care.
Ozzy 1 year ago
#13 You just described my life, and did so like it's a bad thing. It's judgmental people like you that I'm trying to avoid.
Denise 1 year ago
Not quite the same dude, unless you're a celebrity, too




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