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5 Minutes To Kill Yourself: Wedding Day

Posted in Games   20 Apr 2010   / 7782 views

5 Minutes To Kill Yourself: Wedding Day - In the heat of the moment, a question was popped and now you find yourself heading down the aisle about to change your life forever. And under the stress of the situation you're about to make another rash last-minute decision - that the way out is to end it all. Roam the church finding ways to inflict physical harm on yourself until you succumb to your virtual injuries. Use the mouse to move around. Click a spot on the screen and you will move there. Or click and hold the mouse to make your character continually move in that direction. Objects or people with green arrows above their head are interactive. Click on the character/object or the arrow to move to and interact with it. Click on doors to walk through them. Some objects will not wound you until they're combined with another item. These Combo Items have a "+" sign above them. When you pick up the first item in a combo the second item or person will have a green arrow above their head. The combo box in the bottom left of the screen will give you a hint for what the second item/person may be. Click on the M at the bottom of the screen (or press the M key) to see a map of the church. Click on the speaker icon (or press the S key) to mute game sounds.

[via Adult Swim Games]

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vndiel 8 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
This was silly. lol
Imagine there were no hypothetical situations.
I did it, I killed myself. What did that really accomplish? Doesn't matter, it was fun! suicide