Greenator is an online puzzle game, where you have find a way to hit blue and yellow balls with each other and make them into green balls. Use the awesome power of your mighty brain to solve all the tricky puzzles in all of the 30 levels in Greenator.

Goal In One - Your aim is to get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots. Every level has a par (shot limit) which you must not exceed. The lower the total score, the better. Click and drag the mouse to launch the ball.
Goal In One

Helic - The enemy is coming. Take charge of your helicopter, build turrets, and do whatever it takes to protect your base and destroy the enemy.

Rescue a Chicken is an absolutely charming and captivating physics game about baby chickens. Find out how to manipulate elements in the space to get all the chickens right into the nest!
Rescue a Chicken

Endless War Defense is a new episode of the Endless War series! Take command in three different campaigns as you dig in and man your defenses against wave after wave of punishing enemy opposition. Build installations, fortify them, send in armored reinforcements behind enemy lines, even take control of individual squads firing a multitude of weapons! The enemy is here: do you have what it takes to stop them? Space: Toggle manual unit control. Q: Previous turret/soldier. E: Next turret/soldier. G: Previous weapon. F: Next weapon. WASD: Move/rotate unit. It's not enough to build an awesome defense, you have to manage your defenders in real-time just like a real battlefield general! Don't Jump the Gun: Take your time to build your defenses before the first wave strikes - it's easier to think that way! Send in the Cavalry: Don't forget that you can send in reinforcements and control them once your big guns have softened up the enemy.
Endless War Defense

Exit Path is a multiplayer and uniplayer gauntlet-style racing game through perilous traps and platforms. Advance through 30 uniplayer levels or take on other challengers in multiplayer. Earn 60 different pieces of flair to dress up and show your competitors what you've accomplished. Uniplayer advances the player through a story about running towards freedom. You are just another faceless being facing a stadium survival challenge, which lies in between you and your ultimate survival. Multiplayer features live racing complete with 40 player/runner levels to advance through, as well as matchmaking and chat/kudos system. Work through 20 different unique multiplayer levels and achieve glory! Arrow Keys or WASD to move. Space Bar or Shift to Flow (when available).
Exit Path

Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's. The twist of the game is that you can evolve as well as unlock new units and defense means. The more you evolve, the more you will become powerful. Use the mouse to build turrets and hire units to defeat your opponent!
Age of War 2

It's been a really long time since I've posted pictures that you sent us.
Sorry for such a big delay, I just didn't have time to do it.
At least now there's quite a big collection for your pleasure ;)
Thanks a lot to all of you ))
So, don't hesitate to submit your pictures, videos or games, we will always post them on the site if they are fresh, funny and interesting.
You can use this address to send us your material:
P.S. I have 250 of your letters in total. I will try to publish a new compilation every day or at least a couple times a week. Don't worry if you don't see your photos in this collection, it means that they will be in the next one. So check out the site more often! )

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Pictures Sent by Users. Part 8 (59 pics)


If Star Wars was real it would be so much fun! I bet I read the thoughts of many Star Wars fans here :)

You will discover in pictures what the world would look like if Star Wars was real!

The pictures are really awesome and well done. In each photo, you’ll see a little touch from Star Wars universe. Look closely and enjoy!


If Star Wars Was Real (42 pics)

American Julia Gnuse has covered her body in ink. Among the tattoos, you can find jungle scenes, her favourite actors and Disney cartoon characters.

But it wasn’t in the name of art that she started tattooing herself, it was because of her skin condition, called porphyria, which gave her blisters when her skin was exposed to sunlight.

To mask her scarring, she first tried tattooing her skin the same color to the scarring that she had, but it didn’t match her pale-looking skin. That’s when she tried colorful tattoos and got hooked up.

This addiction of hers lead her right into a Guinness World Record for “the American who has been named the most tattooed woman in the world.”

All of her tattoo designs were created by the same artist.


Woman Covers 95 % of Her Body with Tattoos (10 pics)
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This is a beach I’d love to go to. It is called Navagio. The beach is situated on Zakynthos Island and is considered one of the most famous beaches in Greece.

It is also called the Shipwreck because it is home to the wreck of the smuggler Scottish ship Panagiotis built in 1937 and crashed on the island in 1980.

Check out the pictures.


A Piece of Paradise (41 pics)

Some people like to dress up in funny animal suits, they are also called fursuits. The pictures are hilarious, and if I met such a “dog” in the street or any other “human animal” for that matter, it would really surprise me ;)

Funny Fursuits (19 pics)

Here is an interesting project that was made by photographer John Sevigny. It is called Ladies’ Bar. And it’s the product of more than 10 months of photography work. John visited some of the roughest cantinas in Guadalajara (Mexico) that are popular among criminals and drug addicts. The project shows how women are treated in Mexico. Many of them have to work as prostitutes or are paid as drinking companions to drunk men.


Ladies’ Bar: Welcome to Mexico’s Hidden World (31 pics)

Here’s a little but very interesting collection of retro ads.

I know that a lot has changed compared to the 50’s and that our society was quite sexist but I didn’t know that it was sexist to that extent.

But despite all the sexism in the ads they are also funny. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, it’s a good thing that we evolve and can laugh at our stupidities made in the past. I am pretty sure, our descendants will laugh at our today’s stupidities in the future.


Very Sexist Ads from the 50’s (24 pics)


All 32 nations that will take part in the World Cup have become the main characters of the new ESPN’s promotional campaign. Each of the 32 murals pays homage to a foreign soccer star. This art is unusual, but the drawings are amazing! Enjoy!


Amazing World Cup Art (33 pics)

Maybe this unique concept isn’t fair for ladies’ needs, but it’s perfect for men. P-Tree was created by Dutch designer Sam van Veluw as a great substitution to public toilets during big festivals and open-air concerts. Sam’s idea can help to reduce the crowds lining up at the porta-potties. Can this P-Tree be used in most countries? Take a look at it and you’ll answer this question yourself.


Substitution to Public Toilets: P-Tree (4 pics)

Such retro lunchboxes aren’t made any more. This is a real nostalgia, a reminder of popular cultures adored in 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, etc. These lunchboxes are cool as they don’t lack the imagery, details and imagination. I would like to have one of these!


Retro Lunchboxes (78 pics)

Fear Unlimited Origin Demo - This is a demo and it is in no way the final piece! This demo showcases 3 missions, 2 minor bosses and 1 major boss. Hit monsters from hell with your guitar or pull out your machine guns and blast them away. Stay alive!
Fear Unlimited Origin Demo