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Endless War Defense

Posted in Games   31 May 2010   / 5785 views

Endless War Defense is a new episode of the Endless War series! Take command in three different campaigns as you dig in and man your defenses against wave after wave of punishing enemy opposition. Build installations, fortify them, send in armored reinforcements behind enemy lines, even take control of individual squads firing a multitude of weapons! The enemy is here: do you have what it takes to stop them? Space: Toggle manual unit control. Q: Previous turret/soldier. E: Next turret/soldier. G: Previous weapon. F: Next weapon. WASD: Move/rotate unit. It's not enough to build an awesome defense, you have to manage your defenders in real-time just like a real battlefield general! Don't Jump the Gun: Take your time to build your defenses before the first wave strikes - it's easier to think that way! Send in the Cavalry: Don't forget that you can send in reinforcements and control them once your big guns have softened up the enemy.

[via Arcade Town]

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