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It’s been a very long time since I posted your pictures that you sent us. But today is the day. I have about 400 letters of yours in my email box and I will do entries with series of your photos until the last letter. Today’s selection is very interesting, there are lots of cool, interesting and funny pictures. Thanks to all for sending your content and helping to make Izismile better and more interesting.


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Sent by Nick Butler

Pictures Sent by Users. Part 9 (55 pics)

Sent by aeldieb

Pictures Sent by Users. Part 9 (55 pics)

Hamburgers and French fries are probably the most permanent food you can find on earth. It’s proved by New York photographer Sally Davies who has held a unique project of taking photos of the same hamburger and French fries every day for 137 days. Even after 4.5 months this food looks almost the same as on the very first day of the project. It’s unbelievable and so weird!


Unbelievably Weird Food (10 pics)

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Body piercings are very popular these days but some facial piercings can be frightening. Like the ones in these photos. They may make a style statement but they are very disturbing. But, then again, no one ever said that popular had to be pretty.

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Some Facial Piercings (18 pics)

Robert Kiraly heard a loud noise in his courtyard at night. When he got outside, he found a 200 pound black bear with his head stuck in a milk barrel. It turned out the bear decided to find something to eat and squeezed his head in a milk can that was on the porch. When he felt that his head got stuck, he started yelling wildly trying to escape.


Great Bear Rescue (10 pics)

These are some rare photos of your favorite Star Wars characters. What makes them rare is that some of them were taken during production of the movie, while others were taken of the characters during breaks in between takes and yet others were taken off set. They are indeed rare Star Wars photos.


Star Wars Photos That are Seldom Seen (113 pics)

Even 30 years ago it was a shame for such a bride to appear on public. But today it’s completely ok. People got used to such unique “princesses” in a white dress.


Unique Bride (51 pics)

The cars in this post are some of the fastest and most luxurious in the world. They are also the most expensive. From the Lamborghinis to the Porches to the Ferraris, they are indeed super cars. They are a far cry from the family sedan.


Very Fast and Luxurious Cars (98 pics)

Some people are trying to hide their tattoos under the clothes, but others just enjoy exhibiting their body art publicly and watching the reaction of others. This collection of knuckle tattoos shows funny, stupid or weird inscriptions some people tattoo on their knuckles.


Different Knuckle Tattoos (50 pics)

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