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  1. Ztele
    And I support each and every one of them! God bless you all! As a smoker, I'm tired of all these pansies that go on minding other people's business, and not a single person has ever quit smoking just because there's a gay-ass quit smoking day.
  2. flo
    You`ll quit later, when you`ll be diagnosed with some incurable disease. Cheers!!!
  3. kode
    I used to smoke for over 10 years, but thank god finally managed to quit 4 years ago. I loved smoking, but there's no denying that it's really bad for your health. Just a few weeks ago my godmother died of lung cancer and the reason for it was smoking. The mother of a friend of mine suffers from emphysema which is a horrible disease. She still smokes, even if she can hardly breath, and the ambulance picks her up every once in a while because she feels like she's dying.

    People, especially young people, smoking is horrible way to kill yourself. Sure it may feel rebellious, but how much of that image comes from the clever advertising done through the decades where smoking is everything it needs to be to make people buy cigarettes. I'm certainly not blaming people who smoke or try to be somehow superior, but with smoking the easiest thing to do is to never start.

    The only way I finally managed to quit was to have cancer scare in my throat. Luckily it wasn't cancer, but it scared me finally enough to understand that it's time to move on from the cigarette haze. And yes I understand most smokers don't care about me saying things like this, and you know what, I was the same. I had to have my own cancer scare to understand that no, I'm not forever young, and no, I will not live forever.
  4. Fnark
    I'm allergic so I never even tried but tbh I don't really see the point of smoking. I mean it's a forced habit that only feels good after you have learned to handle it.
    You pay a shitload of money to feel "normal" and in return you get bad health :P Good trade.
  5. Sambone
    If you've never smoked, you'll never see the point. I quit on January 1st of this year and still want one every day - some day more than others...
    But I gotta tell you, I'd light up in a New York minute to be one of Eva Mendes' cigarettes. Yeow.
  6. Fnark
    Ofc I won't but it still doesn't change the point that the only reason you want one is because you started in the first place :P
    Did your first (second, third etc) cigarette taste as good as the one you crave now? I really doubt it. Like most people you probably coughed like mad for the first 10-20 cigarettes and even then you didn't get them because they tasted good.
    It's a forced habit, just like coffee, no one likes coffee at the beginning but then you crave it and can't function without it. But those who never tasted it function just as well without it, if not better.
  7. michael c.
    i love watching women kill themselves. i find that women who smoke cigarettes also suck the best c0ck
  8. One
    Gay ass idiot
    And I support each and every one of them! God bless you all! As a smoker, I'm tired of all these pansies that go on minding other people's business, and not a single person has ever quit smoking just because there's a gay-ass quit smoking day.

    SMOKERS AS ROLE MODELS - will add a link - thanks

  10. jjr
    Pic 9: Dumb slut,your kids don't want that shit bitch.
  11. izzimyfizzi
    @ Sambone- Fckn Amen! Ain't she just Hawtness?!

    Been a smoker since I was 12, I'm 40 now. I've seen more peopel kark it from non smoking related cancer, than any other type. It's a load of shit that smokers die young. Fuck, if my Gran didn't smoke, she'd still be alive today then! she was almost 90 when she passed on.

    Yes, smoking is a BAD thing. Get over it. It's our choice. If we wanna smoke, we can. We're all gonna die anyway. Might as well enjoy it.
    You health nuts can jog and eat healthy and still die from NON SMOKING RELATED disease. Or get hit by a bus. :o)
  12. Fnark
    I don't care if people smoke, I'm not a fanatic trying to get them to stop. I'm just trying to understand why you pick up the habit to begin with when it's not an enjoyable thing.
    I mean would you go up to someone and go "hey, life is too short, start smoking!"? Probably not, as I said above the only reason you enjoy it now is because you suffered through that initial period where you absolutely hated it.
  13. wow
    so many wrooooongs
  14. 2Cool4Ice
    They say smokers live longer,
    when i quited 1 day with smoking it felt like 1 week,
    i gues non smokers feel like living longer.
    i just dont give a fuck i do what i like.
    Anyone thats having problems with that cant eat fries or hotdogs or hamburgers its far more unhealty thatn sigarets.
  15. cj
    You suck, idiot smoker.
  16. Enter your name
    i think it is bad
  17. Figure
    Idiot you don't smoke in your baby or any babies face unless. You want them to die of second hand smoking
  18. Crazy
    Smoking is good for people with mental illness, look it up.. Smokers also have a 50% less chance of getting altheimers , So suck it non smokers...
  19. intelligentdare
    as a smoker, i am not proud of it and it bothers me to see kids start smoking so young, if you don't smoke, don't ever start
  20. Jennifer Aniston mad
    I want to smoke when I'm older so I can't really blame Jen
  21. Forbidden
    I never want toooo smoke! Ewwww
  22. People=Shit
    Careful teens... If you quit smoking you won't have self esteem anymore... So keep blaming "addiction"

    Thanks Hollywood!
  23. My mom never smoked a day in her life, and she died of Cardio-pulmonary disease. But my aunt who smoked all the time lived to a ripe old age.

    It has a lot to do with genetics. Even in the Bible it states to do things in moderation. Over-Eaters, 2 packs or more a day-smokers, alcoholics, and dead-beat pot smokers all have one thing in common; they do it to an extreme.
  24. 100006091422630
    Anna Kournikova, I am surprised to see that you are a smoker. I thought that you are a role model for fitness and health. Of course this non of my business and I am sorry for stepping over line on this subject matter. I do wish the very best for your future projects. Kindest regards. A loyal fan

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