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  1. Ali
    on: the philosophy of Indian cnuisie; What exactly is a curry?; and cultural and historical influences on culinary India. As a botanist interested in where our food comes from, I really appreciate the photos of plants such as green cardamom, Kashmiri onions and fenugreek. The richly flavourful recipes can be easily made from basic ingredients found in most well-stocked grocery stores. Each recipe is beautifully illustrated with a photograph and the outer margins of the pages are warmly decorated with images of Indian fabric and tapestry. In addition to the recipes, the author does an excellent job of explaining how complex flavours, colours and aromas emerge from basic ingredients and techniques. It's the kind of book you curl up with in front of a fire and dream about exotic flavours and places! On a practical note, the publishers had excellent foresight when they placed this book inside a plastic sleeve to protect it from the inevitable splashes of curry. I love it!

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