Celebrities with Physical Defects: Ugly or Special? (10 pics)

Most of us think that celebrities are perfect people. They are not. In fact, some of the famous Hollywood actresses have physical defects, as they are human-beings just like the rest of us. Inside this post, you’ll find physical proofs.


Megan Fox

Defect: deformed thumbs


The actress had to use hand double in the promotional clip for Motorola. Megan asked not to show close up shots of her hands. It turned out that “the sexiest woman on the planet” is beautiful everywhere except her fingers. She has a genetic condition called brachydactyly, which means she has clubbed thumbs. And the nail of the thumb is very short and wide.

Paris Hilton

Defect: lazy eye


Have you ever paid close attention to the photographs of Paris Hilton? She has a wonky left eye. A few years ago, possibly after a failed eye lift surgery, the famous blonde got a “drooping left eyelid”. This defect cannot be fixed, because of her love to the colored contact lenses. Yet, Paris does not want to change anything. She wouldn’t refuse wearing sky-blue colored contact lenses because this would mean she’ll have to return to her natural brown eyes. And this is too boring!

Lily Allen

Defect: third nipple


“When you touch it, it becomes solid,” Lily does not miss a single opportunity to talk about her… third nipple. Usually, the story is followed by a public demonstration of this miracle of her body. Lily is lucky to live in the 21st century. There were old times when the owner of a third nipple was considered to be a witch and had to be burned at the stake. Today, such a genetic anomaly appears in one woman of fifty, and it looks like a big mole.

Kate Bosworth

Defect: eyes of different color


Kate Bosworth always looks dazzling on the red carpet, but coming closer you’ll think that she has messed up with her colored contact lenses. The actress has one brown and one blue eye. This phenomenon is known as Heterochromia Iridium. It is common among dogs, cats, horses and other animals, but it’s rare among humans.

Vanessa Paradis

Defect: gap teeth


Do not rush to the dentist if you have a big distance between your front teeth. Due to the charms of Vanessa Paradis perfectly straight teeth are no longer in fashion! Glossy magazines and the beauty industry giants are singing praises to gap teeth which don’t spoil the person but make her look special. Today gap teeth are even considered to be an evidence of sexuality and joyfulness. But dentists call this defect diastema.

Kate Hudson

Defect: small breasts


Kate Hudson has never been embarrassed of her small breasts, which looked boyish when she weared bikini. “She is pretty but she got a chest like me in WhiteChicks,” actor Marlon Wayans wrote after the acress flashed her chest at the American Music Awards. Kate assured that she was perfectly happy with her body. However, there are rumors that on her birthday in April 2010 she had a breast increase from A to B.

Julia Roberts

Defect: huge mouth


Several years ago, recalling his joint set with Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant confessed that when he was kissing her he “was aware of a faint echo”. Of course, the British heartthrob was joking! However, beauty’s huge mouth really violates the ideal proportions of her face. Still, would Julia’s spectacular career be the same without her broad smile and endlessly long legs?

Hayden Panettiere

Defect: short legs


Wladimir Klitschko’s girlfriend is an unhappy owner of problematic figure. Not only that she has to constantly struggle with her weight, but she also suffers from her short legs. To hide her defects, Hayden carefully chooses her wardrobe giving preference to wearing stunning heeled shoes and dating two-meter gentlemen.

Katy Perry

Defect: skin problems


Before her wedding with Russell Brand, 25-year-old Katy is fighting desperately with both her overweight and skin problems. She admits that she has always been quite pimply and shy because of it. She has to thoroughly obscure tonal cream to cover up her acne issues. This year Katy has announced a war to acne on her face promoting the Proactiv Solution skin-care line.

Halle Berry

Defect: six toes on her leg


Every year a respected male magazine includes Halle Berry in the ratings of the most beautiful women on earth. And it’s despite the fact that the actress was born with six toes on her right foot. This anomaly is called polydactyl by doctors. According to statistics, one baby out of 5000 is born with with six toes and usually has an extra toe surgically removed. We are curious to know why Halle’s parents decided to leave her sixth toe.


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  1. Fenrisulven
    You forgot Emma Roberts mouth, It's not strait... Julia Roberts is her aunt.
  2. Tarzan
    love them with all their defects!!
  3. vee
    From now on, I can tell people I'm like Megan Fox! Well, at least I have her thumbs. Funny thing is, noone ever noticed them and I'm getting lots of compliments on my hands.
  4. nat
    "Defect: six toes on her leg"

    Didn't know toes were on a persons leg.
    third nipple - kinky
  6. lolipop
    its ok ......they hv got talent......
  7. disturbed
    So I am like 10 years old girl and I like so think that stars...you know should like be perfect and all. I mean 6 toes on their LEG? em..like..eeewww..gross anyone?
    I like totally like the dude that wrote this article cuz like you know he seems very intehllijent, maybe as inte...smart as me :D:D:D:x:x:X:-****
  8. derpa
    Small breasts = defect? lol
  9. ennaManila
    having small breasts is not a defect.. come on!
  10. AnnaMolly
    In French, Vanessa's teeth are called the "teeth of luck" or "teeth of happiness", this is so cute :3
    And f$ck, small breasts are cool!
  11. lee
    ^^ thats why you should keep kids from the internet
  12. Baz
    What the fuck is that bullshit about Hilton's eye not being fixed because of her contacts? That doesn't even make sense.
  13. 2Cool4Ice
    Small breast are a defect, no breast no woman.
  14. Then go and find watermelon sized breasts..you perv.
  15. RealityCheck
    Halle Berry does NOT have 6 toes, that bump is the start of a bunion.
  16. jacks

    nobody perfect though!
  17. John
    Damn! This post just ruined a few crushes I had as a kid. haha.
  18. marinaloana
    Oh it's crazy I didn't know that she doesn't wear contact lenses but that it is her natural color ?!
    Any other celebrity with the same "problem" ?
  19. Cool..
    Well im totally happy i read this site cause i hav a lazy eye plus i wanna be famous and i thought my eye wud interfere but i guess it wont soooo....im totally phyced!!!! Whooo well ttyl (talk to ya'll later)
  20. Carmen the great
    Small breast are not a defect, a flat ass is a defect!
  21. Sypris9
    Small boobs hardly qualify as a flaw. Hell, all of these "defects" are ridiculously trivial. Humans are human, they do not come perfectly wrapped out of a box.
  22. A guy
    Well, I hope it made you feel better to spend the time it took to put this list together. You'd probably switch bodies with any of them in a heartbeat. Now go lick your butthole.
  23. emjade
    Hayden Panettiere ... a "problematic figure"?? What a horrible thing to say! She can't control it.

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