Happy Dogs' Stories (60 pics)

Yesterday we had a post So Much for Cats’ Happy Ending that showed left behind street cats that found new owners and a second life. Today we’ll tell you stories about dogs that also have a happy ending.


Homeless Barklaj

Barklaj found a new home

Benya from a dog shelter

Benya at a new home

Brand was left alone at home, tied to a radiator. He drank and ate his own excrements

Brand a week after he found a new home

Bu-bu-bu was found on the street

Bu-bu-bu at a new home

Injured puppy without a tale

Puppy’s new life

Homeless puppy with severe demodex

Cured, puppy found a new home

Julie was hit by a car. A bullet was also found in her leg

Julie was cured. She found a new home

Yeva was hit by a car

Yeva in a new family

Zlata in a dog shelter

Zlata found new family in Israel

Homeless Spaniel Lisa

These mats were cut out of Lisa’s hair

Lisa’s new looks

Homeless Martha

Martha found a new home

Mega was left to be euthanized

Mega found a new home

Michick from the street

Mats are being cut out of the dog’s hair

Michick found a new home

Homeless Miatka

Miatka found a new home

This dog was found with a fractured tibia and plague

Cured and at a new home

Homeless Natasha

Natasha found her new home in Finland

Homeless Nemik

Nemik at a new home

This dog was left in a shed on a leash

He found a new home

Rick in a dog shelter

Rick’s new life

Another dog found in a shelter

Dog’s new life

Homeless Ray

Ray at a new home

Homeless sick Taison

After the spinal cord surgery

Taison at a new home

Tigrusha had a stroke

She found a new home

A sick puppy found on the street

Cured and happy at a new home

Homeless Umka had an eye infection

Umka was cured and found a new home

Homeless Fenya

Fenya found a new home

Dog named Tail was found on the cold street with demodicosis

Tail found a new home

Homeless Yurai

Yurai (at the right) at a new home


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  1. AnnaMolly
    Aww I'm gonna cry :(
  2. vishpri
    I am so relief that these doggies found new homes!
  3. qwed
    Im happy some dogs get a second chance.
  4. incognito562
    amazing :)
  5. natcupcakes
    It's really amazing the way dogs express what they're feeling. You can really see the sadness in the before pictures and in everyone of the after pics most look like they are actually smiling. It's good stuff :)
  6. 6
    It's sad how some human beings can be cruel enough to abuse helpless animals. Kudos to all those who gave these doggies a second chance to trust and love again.
  7. m
    Benya is very very happy :D
  8. einsib
    well done =)
  9. ....---
    I love these stories though they got me in tears. I could look at these happy dogs for hours and hours. I love the way they show the happiness of having a new loving family around them.
  10. Giò
    Incredible before they express a sadness then they are extremely happy...
    Having a look at these pics i ask...how is the animal?
  11. Archlord
    #57 to #58 is shocking ! Nice post, heart warming, while i have none, it's still nice ! Lol jk,
  12. OEM software online
    amx2IJ Thank you very much! I took it for myself too. Will be useful!!...
  13. TB
    to all those wonderfull people who adopted these precious animal,
  14. Wonderful
    wheres the stories

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