Censored World War I Photos Revealed (17 pics)

These dramatic and never seen before pictures of US soldiers training, resting, and on the battlefield along with other war related scenarios were all banned from publication in the United States. It seems that the censors did not want to show any weakness, give away any trade secrets or potentially embarrass the US. Protocol has not changed very much in the intervening years, but the soldiers’ outfits certainly have.


Several cases occurred of women of Germany extraction insisting upon being photographed by local camera men in positions and with documents and objects held in certain positions

The “Bread Riots” in New York early in 1917, when the women of the East Side appealed at the City Hall to curb the rising prices of food.

This picture show 18 types of grenades.

The War Department was experimenting with body armor would have been of material interested to the Hun, even to the extend of prompting him to develop similar protective devices of his own guns that would render ours useless.

Sailors at Pelham Bay posing for the camera man with members of a theatrical company which had just given an entertainment at the camp

Men in training camps were forced to resort to improvised wooden machine guns.

Not dead or wounded but looking like it.

Quentin Roosevelt’s grave in France.

All pictures showing hand-to-hand fighting methods were censored.

Pictures of American soldiers drinking after battle.

It shows a type of Handley Page bombing plane.

Picture illustrate the deliberate vandalism of the Germans in Chateau Thierry.

The explosion of a balloon at Fort Sill.

New guns against submarines, secret development.

American soldier was feasted and flattered by French women.

This picture of President Wilson at the Training Camp. A few seconds after this picture was taken the papier-mache rock was suddenly thrown aside and a man in a listening post was revealed underneath.

New Zealand soldiers are floating on the Panama Canal. This trip was secret and the publication of photographs was banned.


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