Dogs: Best Friends of the Lazy!



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  1. bbbbb
    it's not luzy... just a fun activity...
  2. Sherrie
    My favourite coobkook is without a doubt the Horn of the Moon Cookbook, written by Ginny Callan, the owner of the vegetarian restaurant of the same name in vermont. I bought the book at one of those book sales they have this time of year in various malls across the country. It has no photos, but that's precisely the reason I love it so much. Don't get me wrong I love great photography in a coobkook but the Horn delivers the same salivating qualities in just the names of the dishes. Never have I watered at the mouth like I do when flipping through that book! Names like barley and hazelnut salad, spicy Mexican bean burgers, and asparagus and mushroom rice with a zesty cheddar dijon sauce! Anyway, it's certainly my favourite coobkook, even though I might prefer certain recipes from other coobkooks.Cheers, Dan

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