Disgusting Food Ingredients (10 pics)

There are many everyday foods that are made with the most disgusting ingredients that you could ever imagine. After looking at some of your favorite foods they may not be your favorites anymore.


Skittles & Jellybeans

Made from crushed insect cocoons known as 'shellac,' which is used to coat foods and give them that special shine.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Castoreum, otherwise known as anal secretions mixed with urine from a BEAVER, is a common FDA approved food additive found commonly in vanilla & raspberry flavoring… as well as perfume.


Made from charred animal bones, bone char. Bone char is used to filter and decolorize the raw sugar.


Made from collagen, which is boiled connective tissue found in animals.

Wendy's Chili

Made from day-old hamburgers and silicon dioxide… or as you might remember from chemistry class, SAND.


Often made with Lanolin, otherwise known as 'sheep secretions,' in order to soften the gum mix.

Anything red/pink you've been eating

The red coloring is achieved by using crushed, boiled red insects. The finished product is known as 'carmine.'

Shredded Cheese

Cellulose, which is basically sawdust, is used to keep the shreds from clumping together.


Many commercial breads include a dough softening agent known as L-Cyesteine, made from human hair.

Any processed chicken you've been eating

Always remember that this is what that 'meat' is.


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  1. Ajna
    EWW! Thank God I only eat natural foods. Look at that "Chicken meat"and "beaver urine and anal secretions". F*ck that's disgusting!
  2. Nezumi
    Got bad news for you buddy,they grow natural food in cow and goat shit.
  3. Ajna
    Yeah, but why add beaver urine instead of real vanilla? That's just wrong.
  4. gigantes
    Yeah, but why add beaver urine instead of real vanilla?

    because of chemistry and economic issues, obviously.

    That's just wrong.

    i'm sure your belief system is of high interest to all parties involved. time to start your consumer-advocacy group...
  5. skms
    fuk this is making me hungry
    giv me some of those beaver shit
  6. agfd
    meh- not really gross at all, just natural food stuff.....
  7. Alkhoren
    The castoreum is produced by a gland near the anus of the Beaver, as far as it being mixed with urine it might be true for a product but not for all at the base, castoreum is simply the secretion of the gland.
    For the Skittles what is said in the post is BS go read this
    The lanolin is made form the wool, a part called wool fat or wool grease. The "secretion" comes from glands near the skins that helps make the wool water resistant.
    Celullose is completly tolerated by the organism as their is plenty in vegetable, like celery for example, no probs with that.
    Through searches, i could find that 80 percent of L-casein is produced from duck feathers. Which mean you probably have 1/5 chance to find a product based with human hair.
    As for the chicken, what is said is FALSE. Not all nuggets are made from mixed meat with the carcass of chicken. I've seen documentaries on the subject and not all "processed chicken" is made like this.
    So, izi staff, you tried to make a post that would scare the readers, but this is mostly false or have flaws. You can't just post things presenting them as fact, while you haven't double checked everything you said. I did And i dare you or anyone to prove me wrong. Now i don't ask you to believe me, if you don't, go search yourselves. ight make you sleep tonight smarter.
  9. Jersey Petey
    Settle down, Bro.
    It's the web.

  10. Alkhoren
    When you tell a fact with no explaination you better back up what yous say that's not the case. Otherwise i'm chill enough thanks for the concern lol
  11. Analphilosopher
    nuggets made from strawberry icecream??
  12. lolzz
    I make my own vanilla Ice with real vanilla sticks, eggs, milk and sugar.. No beavers in here! The rest of the products are american!!
  13. gigantes
    I make my own vanilla Ice with real vanilla sticks, eggs, milk and sugar.. No beavers in here!

    be sure to let us know when you run a huge industry out of your kitchen. should be quite enlightening...

    The rest of the products are american!!

    so they're factory-farmed, made with pesticides, and overpriced? okay, got it.


    btw- nice post, al-khoren.
  14. chrisbumble
  15. Z.
    Sensationalist failpost. How about some sources for this very creative interpretation of fact?

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