Products People Actually Buy (46 pics)

When it comes to being lazy and buying all kinds of useless crap, some customers have it in spades. See for yourself the types of useless and completely embarrassing “As Seen on TV” products people actually buy and presumably use.


Egg cracker

Egg shaper

Corn holder

Pizza oven

Potty Patch mat, indoor dog potty

UroClub, the portable golf club urinal

Slendertone Ab Systems belt

The Wearable Towel

The Comfort Wipe

The Shoedini

Couch Commander table

Tiny plastic shovels

The Hot Dog Toaster

SweepA, the one-sweep broom

Bango Hair clips

Slice-O-Matic for food chopping

Puppy Bumpers

Swivel car seat

Gutter Rake without the pole included

Dual Blade Package opener

Slimming shirt for men

Sumo table

Fake butt pads

Head vibrator

Dog foot condoms

Face hugging mask

Portable office

A garden Sasquatch

Toilet water bowl

Lazy exercise

Trendy germ bandana


Cervical traction device

Hand exerciser

Dog porthole

Protein ketchup

Not a sex toy

Laser guided pool cue

iPhone wrist strap

Big sarcophagus

Personal infrared sauna

Leg stool

Wine ager

Gross bacon rack

Giant chair

Underwater cell phone


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  1. klunkr
    wow, some pointless stuff here. The Head vibrator is going to be the next big fashion thing though....I can tell!
  2. Jersey Petey
    #14 Yeah, I've got one of those. Works really well on dog hair on the rug and the kitchen floor. And it's a good squeegee. But now I feel stupid....d'Oh!
  3. orendadude
    Some of this stuff is fucking funny. A garden Sasquatch?...LOL A bacon rack? LOL I'm still laughing.
  4. Enter your name
    #21 was just on the cleveland show this weekend
  5. Norm101
    #33 isn't bs though. I knew someone who'd been in a car accident and had to use traction. Those things are really helpful.

    With that said. LOL What a bunch of lazy douchebags!
  6. Emanon
    There are a lot of things on here that I want but I'm too embarassed to share.
  7. ALeach
    I could use #35 Maybe then the dog would stop eating holes in the fence.
  8. Mr. Ree
    #3 - actually, this is a corn on the cob butterer - put a stick of butter in the holder and rub it along the corn cob (or if you're like me, your dick, if your girlfriend loves butter).

    #33 - endorsed by David Carradine!
  9. Tarzan
    useless!! love to see the ads on tv
  10. rikki_doxx
    Where's that egg yolk separator?????
  11. Kaiks
    Have you ever wanted to make or receive a phone call underwather?

    For fuck's sake, NO!
  12. Barely
    #37 Challenge accepted. And I want #27 just for the creep factor.
  13. Big Al
    The corn butterer (#3) actually works great.
  14. gigantes
    so does a semi-peeled stick of butter, but you don't have to order a stick of butter mail order for $10, nor have it take up space in your cluttered utensils drawer.
  15. gigantes
    just goes to show, anyone who feels motivated enough to pander to peoples' extreme laziness can make millions or tens of millions.

    salesmanship beats utility every time.
  16. Peanut
    Wow! #42...unbelievably tacky.
  17. mm
    Sumo table!

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