Revenge prank for the girlfriend caught cheating prank video.

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So what happens during a date? Watch until the end for a great bonus!

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First she crashes her car, then she forgets to pull up the handbreak…

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“A JetBlue pilot went through an apparent mental breakdown during a flight from New York City to Las Vegas yesterday, when he was locked out of the cockpit by the flight staff. According to one witness, the pilot emerged from the restroom mentioning a bomb and shouting "Iraq, al-Qaida, terrorism, we're all going down." He then reportedly approached the cockpit and began repeatedly banging on the door asking for the code which had apparently been changed to prevent his reentry…”

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Sometimes, you’ve got to release the pressure and get yourself justice.

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That’s so cute. Her dad is a soldier and had been deployed for almost a year. She had just finished a speech in front of her high school when he decided to come on stage to surprise her…

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He’s 7’8”. They call it the no jump dunk o_O

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Boston Dynamics here again with a new awesome robot – the Sand Flea Jumping Robot.

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OMG, Alicia Silverstone chews her son's food up and then spits it into his mouth, just like a bird…

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Jade Mountain resort at the Caribbean island St. Lucia is a breathtaking place, which provides an astonishing view upon mountainous shore and blue ocean waves. There is an infinity pool with stone pillars in every room, so the stunning place merges organically with the scenic landscape around. The price tag ranges from $950 to $2700 per night.


Caribbean Resort That Looks Like a Paradise on Earth

Photos taken through the lens of the Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folding camera from 1926 attached to the modern Canon 5D SLR. The Zeiss lens, which is almost 100-year-old, is still capable of making sharp images, though the lack of coating produces strong lens flare under back and lateral lightning.


Taking Pictures With the 100-Year-Old Lens