Did It Ever Happen to You When… Part 20 (19 gifs)



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When you get invited to something you don’t want to go to, but can’t think of an excuse:

When you’ve been adding up a bunch of numbers on a calculator and you accidentally hit the wrong button:

When someone calls you and you don’t want to answer:

When people think your platonic guy/girl friend is actually your boyfriend/girlfriend:

When you’re telling a story, but then realize no one cares what you’re talking about:

When your new shoes make a squeaky noise:

When you leave work on Friday:

When the waiter brings out your order first so you have to be polite and wait for the rest of your party’s food to arrive:

When you see someone you hate in public:

When you’re trying to smile naturally for a photo:

When you try to explain something to that one friend who never understands anything:

When your Internet connection finally comes back after being disconnected:

When you wake up the next day after a night of partying:

When you tasted Nutella for the first time:

Every time you open the fridge:

When you put on your jeans right out of the dryer:

When someone wants a bite:

When you try to wink suggestively:

When you bite into a slice of pizza and it’s too hot:


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  1. Cancamuso
    i loled
  2. Elbereth
    GR8 1 isi
  3. LucArthur
    I had a good laugh ..ty
  4. bertha_2_2
    #12 ------ heeeeeeeeeeeeeehehee.... yes.

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