Now, That’s Braking!



New gen brakes?

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  1. Mr. Ree
    No Way. Faked somehow. The tires would never be able to grip the road like that, especially with the weight being applied to them with the rear end raising up.

  2. Fenrisulven
    Actually, more weight will add traction. That's why the front brake on a motorbike is the best to stop you. Try with a pedal bike, the rear brake is ineffective alone because your weight is shifted forward during braking and the wheel looses traction. Now try your front brake only, good luck.
  3. Mr. Ree
    I agree, the front brakes do 80% of the braking but there's no way that truck stopped that quickly and with such power to lift the back wheels, just using the brakes. It almost looks like it hit some solid steel pole that was sticking out of the ground - there was no tire skidding, it just STOPPED.

  4. Fenrisulven
    I agree, he just stopped. Look at the video again. He seem to be crashing into the last white car. The white car has it's rear bumpers messed up. This is probably where some of the stopping energy went. It's still an odd accident. Perhaps there was some heavy and loose cargo in that last car.

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