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GIFs Provide A Comical Look At Daily Life Experiences (19 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   2 Jul 2013   / 21201 views

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Trying to look busy in a meeting:

When someone you don’t like tries to be nice to you:

When your ex texts you for a favor:

When there is a bee following you:

When you try to act cool around the person you like:

When you’re cleaning your house and find money in an unexpected place:

When an Internet video takes a few seconds to load:

When you’re not wearing glasses and someone waves at you:

When someone finally admits that you were right:

Trying to get someone else’s attention from across the room:

Attempting to be serious with your friend:

When you realize there’s a typo in the email you just sent:

When you get birthday money:

That internal struggle between wanting to grow your hair out and also wanting to chop it all off:

When your friend won’t stop posting photos of the food they’re eating:

That ‘I Told You So’ moment:

Waking up early on the weekend:

In preschool when someone called you a ‘stupid head’:

When you see your parents making out:

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