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Siberian Tiger Escape the Heat (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 6 Jun 2011   / 7899 views

The air temperature climbed to only 25 degrees (77 °F), but for the Siberian tiger it is already too much. See how this big cat escaped the heat in a Yorkshire nature reserve.


Siberian Tiger Escape the Heat

The Unusual Escape of the Bobcat (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 6 Jun 2011   / 7697 views

Apparently a bobcat was being chased by a cougar somewhere in the desert. Bobcats may be cunning but this cougar was cleverer. He found a place to escape to where the cougar can never get to him.


The Unusual Escape of the Bobcat

Fashion Goose (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 3 Jun 2011   / 9651 views

This goose is probably the most fashionable bird in the world I’ve ever seen.


Fashion Goose

Road Cone with a Surprise (11 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Jun 2011   / 14185 views

What do you think is hidden inside this road cone? You’ll never guess!


Road Cone with a Surprise

Good Morning to You! (8 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Jun 2011   / 8550 views

A wild bear cub climbed into the Slovenian Logar family yard about a month ago. The three-and-a-half-month-old teddy was adopted by people. While the family wants to keep it, veterinary authorities would prefer to move the brown bear into a shelter for wild animals.


Good Morning to You!

Antelope vs. Hungry Lions (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 1 Jun 2011   / 9898 views

Who do you think is the winner in this wild battle?


Antelope vs. Hungry Lions

A Moment of Joy (109 pics)

Posted in Animals 1 Jun 2011   / 6908 views

Our pets bring us many moments of joy and happiness. They can be funny, amusing and bizarre. Inside this post, you’ll find a collection of funny and beautiful dog photos.


A Moment of Joy

Just Like Dog Heaven (3 pics)

Posted in Animals 26 May 2011   / 13903 views

It is a real miracle that this unlucky dog has survived. The poor thing was shot in the head and buried alive. A police officer who was walking nearby accidentally heard someone whining from underneath. He called the emergency services that sent the rescued dog to a veterinary clinic. The dog underwent a surgery. As for his owner, he’ll have to go through a trial. A person who did this is a jerk, but not human.


Just Like Dog Heaven

Pigeon Fashion (12 pics)

Posted in Animals 26 May 2011   / 6882 views

Cereal necklases are the season’s hottest fashion. Pigeons love them.


Pigeon Fashion

Amazing Must-See Photos of Animals (23 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 May 2011   / 7965 views

This selection of amazing, cute and hilarious photos of animals is a must-see. We promise, you’ll smile and laugh a lot!


A walrus with a fruitcake

Amazing Must-See Photos of Animals

Car Robbers (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 May 2011   / 8756 views

Even sitting inside your car you can’t be sure that these car robbers will stay away from your belongings.


Car Robbers

The Wild Chase (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 23 May 2011   / 6006 views

A sly fox is running wild being chased by a huge bear.


The Wild Chase

The Lion Queen (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 19 May 2011   / 9780 views

These amazing photos show how lioness protects her cub.


The Lion Queen

Little Feathery Constructors

Posted in Animals 17 May 2011   / 6192 views

Have you ever seen how birds build their nest? This process is so impressive, and little feathery constructors are real hard workers.


Little Feathery Constructors

The Real Face of a Camel (19 pics)

Posted in Animals 16 May 2011   / 10445 views

Are camels nice and polite? It turns out they are not. Sometimes they can be funny, and sometimes they act like monsters. Find the real face of a camel inside this post.


The Real Face of a Camel

Traffic Light Mystery (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 13 May 2011   / 7623 views

A strange visitor has taken a visit to a traffic light in a busy city.


Traffic Light Mystery

That's When Fishing Becomes Interesting (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 11 May 2011   / 5495 views

If only I could fish like this, fishing would be much more interesting.

Just look at this Osprey in perfect action.



The Cutest Baby Monkey I've Ever Seen (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 9 May 2011   / 9132 views

This little spider monkey named Little Estella has fluffy hair and big doe eyes. Her and her mother failed to bond at birth and so she was abandoned. To ensure her survival, the primate keepers at the Melbourne Zoo stepped in and take care of her around the clock. Just look how cute she is.


The Cutest  Baby Monkey I

Scary Unexpected Visitor (8 pics)

Posted in Animals 3 May 2011   / 38958 views

A typical day in the sunshine state. Nothing very unusual going on here, unless you consider having an alligator in your house unusual. In Florida it is a regular occurrence. The price you pay for all of that sunshine.


Scary Unexpected Visitor

Hairless Cats (23 pics)

Posted in Animals 29 Apr 2011   / 12817 views

Every time I see these cats, I always remember Ross from “Friends” saying: “Why is it inside out?!”


Hairless Cats

Courageous Cat (6 pics)

Posted in Animals 28 Apr 2011   / 7857 views

This cat is every brave a first in the face of a couple of adversaries. Then it simply runs away. This proves the old adage that if you run away you’ll live to fight another day.


Courageous Cat

Hippity Hoppity Rabbits (21 pics)

Posted in Animals 28 Apr 2011   / 5712 views

These bunnies have really eaten their Wheaties today. They are hopping all over the place. I knew rabbits were skittish but this is extraordinary.


Hippity Hoppity Rabbits

Coco, and Her Doggy Spartacus (25 pics)

Posted in Animals 27 Apr 2011   / 7094 views

Coco, the wife of Ice-T, has this little cute bulldog and they are inseparable. She loves her pet so much that she even created him a Twitter account.

And here’s a little insight of Spartacus’ life.


Coco, and Her Doggy Spartacus

The Way They Became (33 pics)

Posted in Animals 22 Apr 2011   / 9695 views

These are the pictures of the doggies when they were puppies and when they grew up.

One thing is clear, all dogs are insanely cute when they are puppies.



The Way They Became

Catnapping (46 pics)

Posted in Animals 21 Apr 2011   / 11073 views

These cats are all tuckered out. These are some very funny poses of some cats that were caught napping. Some of them find the darndest places to fall asleep.



I Wish This Could Happen to Me (10 pics)

Posted in Animals 20 Apr 2011   / 13882 views

This is one great encounter. A group of people went on a picnic to the woods somewhere in the central Russia and that is what happened to them there.


I Wish This Could Happen to Me

A Disciplined Dachshund (18 pics)

Posted in Animals 18 Apr 2011   / 5993 views

This is one tough Dachshund dog. Of all the doggie toys in the world, this dog plays with none of them. Apparently this dog prefers toys that he can play very rough with.


A Disciplined Dachshund

Where the City Seals Go in the Morning (16 pics)

Posted in Animals 15 Apr 2011   / 4403 views

In the capital city of Estonia named Tallinn, lives a very cute seal. This seal wakes up every morning, has its breakfast and then it swims around to take a bath. This seal doesn’t lead a very tough life.


Where the City Seals Go in the Morning

Riddle of the Day (5 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Apr 2011   / 11851 views

Try to find a cat. I bet you won’t until you see the last image.


Riddle of the Day

Animal Whisperers (16 pics)

Posted in Animals 12 Apr 2011   / 7232 views

These are some very funny photos of cats and dogs whispering into each other ears. Makes you wonder if they are really communicating with each other. Maybe not, but you sure couldn’t tell it by looking.


Animal Whisperers

Funny Flying Dog Faces (50 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Animals 8 Apr 2011   / 7427 views

We all know how dogs love to stick their heads out of the window of a speeding car. Well these dogs like it too and make some hilarious faces while their owner’s are speeding down the road at 50MPH. They sure look like they are enjoying themselves.


Funny Flying Dog Faces

Can Horn Cutting Save the Rhinos? (4 pics)

Posted in Animals 5 Apr 2011   / 5311 views

Rhino horns are of high demand on the black market. Poachers kill hundreds of animals in order to sell their “treasure”. About 800 rhinoceros were destroyed by poachers in the last three years.


Can Horn Cutting Save the Rhinos?
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