This airline has gone above and beyond by creating these unique completely private cabins with sliding doors. Lounge in the reclining leather seat with drink in hand while watching the 23-inch TV. However, you will have to save up for this expensive treat, as a round trip flight from Singapore to NYC will cost around $15,750 per person.


Singapore Airlines’ Private Suites Worth the Money

The word ‘office’ is often associated with a boring room filled with separate cubicles. Here we have the collection of the most unconventional and original offices which will change your idea of a working place.


The Most Amazing Offices Ever

This penthouse is built of glass and steel on the top of two neighboring buildings in Notting Hill area of London. The buildings are connected by a glass footbridge and the glass elevator provides a direct access into this spectacular apartment with a fabulous view of West London and Holland Park.


Incredible Glass Penthouse in London

This awesome playground was built at the rooftop of three penthouses in Copenhagen, Denmark by the company JDS Architectures. The neighborhood where the building’s located is too dense, so the company decided to fully utilize the rooftop space, creating a place for children to play and for adults to relax. The playground features a real grass hill slope, shock-absorbing orange deck, viewing platform and an outdoor kitchen for adults with a place for barbeque.


Mesmerizing Rooftop Playground in Denmark