Even though these ladies live in Cape Flats, near Cape Town South Africa they still get dressed up to go to their high school graduation night. Many of them are the first in their families to graduate from high school due to apartheid. Photographer Araminta de Clermont captured these poignant images. See the kinds of colorful and expensive outfits they wear for their special day.


South African Slum Graduates Dress Up

There is nothing quite like Goth girls who dress up in all black, dye their hair, put on crazy makeup and wear all kinds of unique outfits. These girls will definitely catch your attention, and may even draw you into their dark world.


Hot Goth Chicks Rule

‘Igromir’ is an international specialized exhibition of computer and mobile games annually held in Russia. Just like car shows it is popular among females. Inside this post, you can take a look at Igromir 2011 girls.


Interactive Game Girls

Poker may still largely be a male-dominated game but more and more women are striking it rich on the professional poker circuit, including big wins at UK casino tournaments as well as at World Series of Poker events in the US. Top female poker players such as the five listed below have won millions at tournaments and are turning the tables on many male pros despite the fact that women only account for 5-10% of the field in most events.


Top 5 Women Raking it in at the Poker Tables

Daniella Shikhman is the name of this model, and it is hard to imagine why she thinks her look is appealing to anyone. She must be completely out of her mind, as are any other girls who think this look is attractive. See for yourself why she is a total train wreck.


Scary Israeli Model

26-year-old Ralica Dimitrova wants to prove she is the sexiest girl in Bulgaria. She is sure that she is very hot. As for us, we are not so sure about her chances to win the Sexiest Bulgarian Girl contest.


The Sexiest Bulgarian Girl

Let these unfortunate pictures of Russian girls be a warning to anyone interested in getting injections in their lips or other areas of their body and wanted to wear too many bright clothes. All these girls are sure that their glamour appearance is very beautiful. I wonder if they know how to talk? Because I think it's just dolls.


Scary Glamour Girls