In 1993, Michael Jackson and two other co-inventors designed these shoes that use a special heel slot that allows the foot to catch on a hitch on the stage. The wearer simply needs to slide the foot forward over the hitch and voila that person can now actually lean forward beyond their natural centre of gravity without falling over.

Michael Jackson Created These Cool Anti-Gravity Shoes

Known for his role as Any Dwyer in “Parks and Recreation”, Chris Pratt is usually the slightly overweight, “nice guy”. But for his role in “Zero Dark Thirty”, Chris hit the gym to get ripped to play a member of the Seal Team Six. The first 2 pictures are how he normally looks…

Chris Pratt Loses the Flab for Movie Role

In the early ‘90s and ‘00s there were many roles that Johnny Depp lost to other actors but these were also others that he actually passed on himself. Here are some re-imagined movie posters done by Kristy Puchko of some of the movies that he almost starred in.

Movie Roles That Johnny Depp Almost Got