The unique hydrological phenomenon takes place near the Polish town Wągrowiec. Two rivers – Wełna and Nielba – cross each other without having their waters mixed and continue to flow in separate beds. The researchers have once colored the water of the rivers in different colors and the paint didn’t mix.


Two Rivers Cross Each Other Without Mixing

Southern Romania is paralysed by heavy snow leaving a lot of people stuck in their cars. The country has even drafted in the army to rescue hundreds of travellers stranded by blizzards that dumped up to a meter of snow in 24 hours.


Snow Storm in Romania

This place is probably the most beautiful in Texas. It’s Hamilton Pool that was created thanks to the collapse of the underground river’s dome because of erosion thousands of years ago.


Amazing Pool in Texas

Gretna Green is a Scottish village famous for the bird “air shows”. Each year European starlings migrate to wintering in Scotland. Flocks of these birds soar and form bizarre shapes in the sky as if they were dancing. Many come to witness their unusual twists in the air.


Starlings Dancing in the Skies of Scotland

This place known as Lencois Maranhenses National Park is magical. It’s one of the most popular natural attractions in Brazil. It is formed of white sand dunes covering 383,000 acres and it reminds of bedsheets spread out on the coast. It is extremely beautiful here.


Beautiful White Sand Dunes in Brazil

These are some beautiful and amazing photos of volcanoes from around the world. It’s ironic that they cause so much devastation because they certainly incredible to look at.


Amazing Volcanoes

Victoria amazornica is the largest genus of water lilies in the world. It floats in the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin. Its leaves reach up to 3 m in diameter. They can support up to 70 pounds. This giant water lily was called Victoria regia after Queen Victoria of the UK when it was discovered by explorer Robert Schomburgk in 1836.


The Largest Water Lily in the World