Even though some of these uber famous celebrities seem otherworldly they all have managed to father children. Seeing them with their brood does soften the heart a bit, but knowing that most of these kids are likely spoiled brats just sours the mood.


David Beckham with son Romeo

Celebrity Fathers and Their Children

Alexander Miller, along with his wife Imogene, lived on a dilapidated farm in East Orange, Vermont from 1946 until their deaths in 1993 and 1996. Seemingly unwilling to fix up the farm, and living without central heating and limited electricity the Miller’s managed to accumulate a tremendous amount of valuable cars. Miller went through one VW beetle after another, fixing them as best he could until they broke down again.


The Treasures of Alexander Miller’s Garage

This is a twin rotor hoverbike. It was designed and manufactured in Australia. It may very well be the bike of the future. Soon, it may be available to the general public. It is reported to be very safe and stable. It is also very interesting looking.


A Flying Bicycle

Here is a collection of entertaining black and white pictures that were featured at the back of each LIFE magazine issue. These funny and sometimes strange photos mostly contained animals and humans caught in odd situations by an astute photographer.


Amusing LIFE Magazine Back Page Photos

Welcome to Rose Lake which is located in Senegal. The lake only covers an area of a little over 32 Sq. Ft. This pink lake has a salt concentration of 380 gallons per liter, which is very salty.  Many of the Senegalese people mine salt from the lake bottom. The salt that is extracted is carried to shore in cakes. To protect their skin, the salt collectors rub their skin with shea butter which is an salve that is used to avoid damage to the tissues of the skin.


A Pink Lake

These are transparent specimens of sea life. Iori Tomita is an artist and an undergrad who studies ichthyology. His work is the New World Transparent Specimens created through a lengthy process that uses dyes, enzymes, and preservatives. He is trying to show people the hidden side of natural beauty that they might miss normally.


Transparent Sea Life

Victoria amazornica is the largest genus of water lilies in the world. It floats in the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin. Its leaves reach up to 3 m in diameter. They can support up to 70 pounds. This giant water lily was called Victoria regia after Queen Victoria of the UK when it was discovered by explorer Robert Schomburgk in 1836.


The Largest Water Lily in the World