Bruce Lee died in 1973, but he is still considered to be the most influential martial artist of modern times. These are rare photographs from the actor’s collection that show us a different side of Bruce Lee and his family life.


Rare Photographs of Bruce Lee

The Afrika Burn festival is a great event that is held annyally in the Karoo. This semi-desert area gathers together thousands of people who express themselves in the most creative ways. Some couples like to marry during this festival. People also create massive art pieces that are burned to the ground on the final night of Afrika Burn.


The Festival of Radical Self-Expression in South Africa

A unique optical phenomenon was seen above the sea level in the north of Haikou City at 4 p.m. on May 9. Local residents were amazed by a mirage of a ghost city that hung between the sky and sea. The miracle lasted for an hour. It appeared due to the extremely high temperature on Hainan Island that is not common for this season of the year.


Ghost City

Romanian drivers have a special “transportation” culture. They like to park their cars in an exceptional way, add the most unusual inscriptions and drive the most creative transportation on the city streets. We thank Marlansky CEO for these great photos.


Transportation in Romania

The British Queen acceded to the throne in 1952. She’ll celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. She has become the second-longest enthroned monarch in thousand years reigning for 21,645 days in total. This is one day longer than the reign of George III.Queen Victoria is the longest reigning monarch in the British History. She is Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother.



The Life of Queen Elizabeth II in Photos

Famous people often change their real names to sound cooler or be remarkable. Are these changes for good or not? It’s up to you to decide once inside this post you will find celebs’ names given them at birth and names they preferred to be called.


Katy Perry

Real Names of Celebrities

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson


Being a big fan of Lamborghini cars, Chinese hair salon owner known under the nick name Asan couldn’t get by a new Lamborghini Reventon. He wanted to have this car so much that he used all his creativity and almost $14,000 to make one for himself.


New Lamborghini Reventon for $14,000

Arnold Swarzenegger, the current Governor of California, is divorcing his wife, Maria Shriver after 25 years of marriage. Step back in time and see how the not-so-happily married couple have changed over them 25 years.


Aging Arnie

These incredibly beautiful nature photos were taken by French photographer Xavier Jamonet. They include mountain ranges, seascapes, landscapes, prairies, and others. They are really amazingly beautiful.


Amazing Nature Photos

These are a collection of items and people that will make you feel old. They are remnants from what is now considered the good old days. It seems like just yesterday that these people and items were what were hot.


Macaulay Culkin is 30

Those Good Old Days

Would you like your favorite band to respond to your letter? This story that happened to Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong can give you a hint how you should write a letter to celebrities to hear back from them and even inspire their songs.


How to Get a Letter from Green Day

The same British hat designer, Phillip Treacy, behind Princess Beatrice’s royal wedding hat created this collection of mostly hideous but absolutely fabulous hats. Not surprisingly Lady Gaga is quite a fan of his astonishing creations, but any woman with a love for outrageous headwear would love to don one of his masterpieces.


The Stupidest

Are you tired of the same old boring sandwiches that look like two slices of bread with some meat and veggies crammed between them? Luckily, someone has created these unique and entertaining sandwiches that are so fun to look at you would never consider eating them.


Mind-Blowing Sandwich Art

Driving one of these classic rally cars meant you would be facing a great deal of breakdowns and malfunctioning car parts. Crashes were the norm, and pit crews were non-existent, but brave men continued to race these rattling death vehicles all over the country.


Kick Ass Vintage Rally Cars

Water can be both beautiful and dangerous, and these shots show exactly how gorgeous playing in the surf can be. These shots were taken by Mark, who is 29. He has won critical acclaim for his underwater pictures. He captures not only the beauty, but the awesome power of the ocean.


Water Wonderland