It’s enough just to take a look at the photos of Jim Reed to understand his passion - the pursuit of any severe weather condition..
It takes a little more than courage to get shots like that. Each image is a mix of patience, knowledge and few extra cameras.

Storm chaser (32 pics)
I’ve never seen this before. You should not be claustrophobic.
And I think obese people won’t even be able to enter the door… what do I say? They won’t even be able to enter the corridor…
A second picture shows you what it looks like inside the toilet after the jump.

The narrowest toilet in the world (2 pics)
A 4-year-old boy was standing near the store when a car driver lost control over the vehicle and was approaching the boy at high speed.
It is not known exactly what happened, but the driver of the car hit the boy, sending him flying down a flight of stairs before he fell, after a few seconds he got up and ... safe and sound run off crying to his dad who didn’t know what happened until the next day.
Everything happened in just few seconds.
Who said that miracles don’t happen ;)

What it means to be lucky! (6 pics + 1 video)
Padaung or Kayan Lahwi is a group of the Karenni people, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic minority of Burma.
Women start wearing the brass neck coils at the age of five. Each coil is replaced with longer coils as the weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage. Contrary to popular belief, the neck is not actually lengthened; the illusion of a stretched neck is created by the deformation of the clavicle.
Many ideas regarding why the coils are worn have been suggested. One of them is the coils might be meant to protect from tiger bites.
Kayan women, when asked, acknowledge these ideas, but often say that their purpose for wearing the rings is cultural identity (one associated with beauty).

Padaung. Long-neck women (35 pics)
Even the most famous people quite often go behind bars, this is normal, we are all equal before the law.
A big collection of celebrity mug shots is waiting for you inside the post.

Lindsay Lohan
Arrested celebrities (59 pics)

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Does this - ( 8(1) seem familiar to you?
Look carefully before you look up the answer.
Each of you knows or has seen this character at least once :)

Funny gif animations:

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Actress Cameron Diaz got her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame embedded with more than 2,000 stars.
Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures

Two headed fish
Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures

Two little kids are in a hospital, lying on beds next to each other outside the operating room the first surgeries of the day.
The first kid leans over and asks,
'What are you in here for?'
The second kid says, 'I'm in here to get my tonsils out and I'm a little nervous.'
The first kid says, 'You've got nothing to worry about. I had that done
when I was four. They put you to sleep, and when you wake up they give you lots of Jello and Ice Cream. It's a breeze.'
The second kid then asks,
'What are you here for?' The first kid says, 'A circumcision''
Whoa!' the second kid replies.
'Good luck buddy. I had that done when I was born. Couldn't walk for a year.'

Thanks to Raymond Bell

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Unexpected. Guess where you need to put a gas in this Lada! (7 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Celebrities get “noodled” (11 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Dirty children (16 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
‘Playing with my food’ by Vanessa Dualib (15 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Art with wood – compilation of creative object made of wood (31 pics)

Pamela Anderson, the former and famous barbie of Baywatch, who doesn’t know her? I must say that at the very beginning of the 90s she was really pretty, but silicone and time have not been favorable to her, especially silicone... However, she is still under the spotlight and continues to show herself in revealing lingerie at the age of 41. So, let’s see today inside the Curiosities how she has evolved over the past 20 years (1990 to 2009) with one picture per year (20 photos on 4 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
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A concert was planned on Moscow last Saturday but it had to be cancelled. Why? Well, the reason is simple. As we can clearly see on the pictures, the roof collapsed on the stage itself. So, the concert obviously was cancelled and bands such as Scorpion or Alice Cooper had to cancel too. For more photos, go inside the post.

Stage roof collapsed in Moscow (7 pics)
These great pictures of Maldives were sent by Chrisopher Sherman:
"If you are looking for a unique break, breath taking nature and paradise on earth, then Maldives is the perfect place. Checkout 23 beautiful pictures of Maldives to inspire you."

Maldives = dream (23 pics)
I always admired people who can draw well. So today we will get acquainted with the remarkable work of this painter.
After the jump, you’ll see some of his works, those that seemed the most interesting.

Art by Leo Hao (66 pics)
Heather Grierson, 49, is the park director of the Kisma Wildlife Preserve in Mt Desert, Maine, USA. She loves animals and as the mother of Tica (the baby gibbon) proved unable to care for her baby, Heather is taking care for Tica 24/24 for 13 weeks.

Cute baby gibbon got adopted (15 pics)
Some interesting photos of many different things. A lot of buildings, a lot of people and other stuff - harmony of the world, harmony of nature ...

A lot of (65 pics)
Three small children don’t deserve to live in conditions like this.
Their parents have turned their apartment into a real dump, there is no other word for it.
And if one of their neighbors did not call the police, who knows how long would these children suffer from this.
The parents were sentenced to three years, and frankly, good for them ...

Life in a "hell hole" (4 pics)
These insects are called the Phasmatodea and there are plenty members of them: stick insects (in Europe), walking sticks or stick-bugs (in the US), ghost insects and leaf insects.
I wouldn’t like someone makes a joke on me using one of these insects ;))

Living sticks ;) (10 pics)