We’re all getting older day after day and time passes so fast. 2 things that are also true for actors.
So let’s take a look at how time changed these famous people.
I have to say some of those actors aged very well…

Actors Before and Now! (21 pics)
I put the word “buses” in quotes on purpose, because to call this buses is really difficult.
In short, there are different means of transport in the following of the post, in which Indian kids are taken to school. Poor kids ;)

School 'Buses' in India (30 pics)

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A girl named Brody figured out how to stand out from the crowd of Santa Claus’ during their march in San Francisco.
And frankly, she did manage to stand out from the crowd, see for yourself.

Unusual Santa Claus (7 pics)
Someone nature bestowed with beautiful eyes, but someone didn’t get lucky enough, but don’t worry it can be changed.
The girl whom you'll see after the jump isn’t delighted with her eyes, but she learned how to make them perfect for her. See below.

How to Make Eyes Beautiful (22 pics)

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This man is called Atsushi Nakanishi and he is 40 years old. It’s been six months since he’s been living in a Capsule Hotel where he sleeps in a tiny room rented and paid by his ex employer for $640 since the global economic crisis hit Japan. Atsushi Nakanishi has only five of his belongings to store in his locker.
There are only vending machines in the hotel’s cafeteria and it is full of smell of cigarettes.

Economic Crisis in Japan (10 pics)

Chinese roads are very dangerous. Recently, a truck driver carrying coal could fully notice it.
I think that in the near future, few will dare to take this road having a large load ))
And most importantly, that no one was hurt badly in this incident.

Incident on a Chinese Road (7 pics)

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We have here impressive pictures of a train derailment that occurred on the Mendota subdivision, Illinois.
The date on the pics is said to be false, the accident would have taken place on December 19, 2009.

Train Derailment (16 pics)
In some Russian villages, they go to places called ‘banya’ which are in fact nothing more than saunas. As not everybody can go to those places, one man got the idea to make a mobile ‘banya’. He made a little wooden house that he equipped to make a sauna and that he mounted on an old tractor. Now the villagers just have to call for the mobile sauna house to come to their place. We can’t stop progress..

Russian Mobile Sauna (6 pics)
Summarizing Up the Year 2009. Edited

Hey everyone!
Hope your Christmas was fine :)
Now we’re not far away from another great holiday – the New Year!!!! 41
Greetings to all of you and have a wild night (in all decency ;) )

This is our last day before we take a break for a week. So, the first updates in the new year will be on the 7th or 8th of January. But, maybe during the whole week we will post Picdumps and Funny animals, I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, I’ll keep you informed.

So check out the site from time to time during this period :)

This year was very successful for the site. During one year, the site became quite popular and became one of the leaders in the entertainment domain on the Internet. Almost 50, 000 people visit us every day. We are very grateful to all of you for that, as well as for your trust, your comments, evaluation and appreciation.
A great variety of improvements and refinements is waiting for the site in 2010. It will be even more interesting and cooler ;))

During this year, you wrote almost 56, 000 comments and we posted 13,000 entries on the site, so you just have to check out our huge ARCHIVES .

Also, for those of you who follow us on TWITTER, it shouldn’t be a problem as all of our updates will appear there. I’ll also try to post some stuff on our FACEBOOKpage, so, you’re welcome there too :)

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So, once again, Happy Upcoming New Year! Cheers! drinks
It’s an excellent compilation of photos of 2009 from the Denver Post.
The best photo compilation of this year that we posted this month in my opinion..

2009 in Photos (157 pics)
2009 in Photos (157 pics)
Here’s the story: a daughter asked her dad to make her a canary costume for a school masked ball. When she tried what her dad had made for her, the child was speechless…
Just look at this wonderful costume :)

Canary Costume. Way Too Hilarious (4 pics)

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