A very weird book was published back in 1830. It’s titled Le Livre Sans Titre (A Book without a Title). A strange name, don’t you think? But the strangest thing is the book’s content. It illustrates how harmful masturbation is.


Weird Book of the 19th Century

We create some amazing buildings, structures, and art, but without the aid of scaffolds, it would be harder and take longer to create some of the most amazing things in our time.


Scaffold Fun

With May 21’st around the corner many churches are speaking about the revelations and it’s the reckoning. Here are some amazing shots of lightning as it strikes. These are awesome shots caught by a variety of photographers.


Reckoning Shots

China is the world’s second largest producer of E-Waste producing over 1 million tons a year. Besides, China is the largest importer of E-Waste from all over the world. It gathers 70% of electronic garbage each year (20-25 million tons).



The Eastern & Oriental Express is a luxury train that travels between Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore carrying passengers through beautiful rainforests, exotic plantations, amazing mountains and remote villages. It is listed in the Top 25 trains of the world because of its service, interior amazing off-train experiences. The prices depend on your journey’s duration and suite. They start at $2,300 and run over $9,000 per person.


Luxury Express Listed in the World’s Top 25 Trains

If you got enough patience to make a car of paper, get ready to spend 245 hours on it. This is how much it took Taras Lesko to assemble this Audi A7 model using 285 sheets of paper (750 parts) and the original A7 blueprints.


Audi A7 Paper Model

This 22-year-old Chinese girl has decided to commit suicide after her boyfriend announced that he was breaking up with her days before their wedding ceremony. The jilted bride threatened to jump out of a seventh-floor window in a wedding gown.


How a Jilted Bride Was Saved