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The Emotional Moment When a Deaf Woman Hears for the First Time (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 28 Mar 2014   / 4882 views

Science is awesome!

Joanne Milne, a 40-year-old woman, born deaf, hears for the first time after getting her cochlear implants turned on. Her reaction is beautiful.


Hockey Team Makes a Dying Kid's Wish Come True (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 20 Mar 2014   / 3631 views

The San Jose Sharks and Make-A-Wish Foundation made a dream come true for Sam Tageson, a hockey player and lifelong SJ Sharks fan with a life-threatening heart condition.


Physics Professor's Reaction to the News That His 30-Year-Old Theory Is Proven Correct

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 18 Mar 2014   / 5561 views

Physics professor Andrei Linde who theorized the concept of "cosmic inflation" is told that his theory has been proven, after 30 years!

His reaction is priceless!


Watch What Happens When Singer Realizes the Crowd Is Singing Her Song (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 10 Mar 2014   / 7995 views

During a live concert in New York, singer Valeska Steiner from Swiss/German pop duo 'BOY' gets overwhelmed when she realizes the audience is singing along during their debut.


Feeling Unloved? (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 10 Mar 2014   / 3727 views

The road to unconditional love is quite simple


What Happens after Man Gives Homeless Guy a 'Winning Lottery Ticket' Is Pure Emotion

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 5 Mar 2014   / 7867 views

The feel-good video of the day, it's ok if you cry..


Students' Nice Surprise to Elderly Woman Who Waves at Them Every Day (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 26 Feb 2014   / 4833 views

A nice old woman waves at students and students wave back, this little ritual happens every day and everybody is happy but this lovely story doesn't end here, see what the students made for her.


'My Beautiful Woman': A Beautiful Thai Short Film You Should Watch (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 10 Feb 2014   / 14041 views

This story about a young mother and her daughter should bring at least one tear to your eye.


High School Students Sing the National Anthem in an 18-Story Hotel (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 10 Feb 2014   / 2861 views

They do that every night around 11pm


Cinedrones Are Awesome (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 31 Jan 2014   / 7075 views

These aerial shots are simply stunning!


Walking from Mexico to Canada (2 videos)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 30 Jan 2014   / 3215 views

This guy's name is Tyler Fox and he shot 3-second videos a day during his whole journey.

His trip started in Campo, California, at the US/Mexico border and ended 4 and a half months later in Manning Park, British Columbia, Canada.

He walked the 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail across California, Oregon and Washington.

Walking from Mexico to Canada

How to Extend a Cruise Liner (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 30 Jan 2014   / 4265 views

Amazing time lapse video of a cruise liner getting sawn in two and extended by 99ft (30m).


Human Safari: A World Trip in 3 Minutes

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 28 Jan 2014   / 5202 views

Nicolo Balini, an Italian Youtuber, traveled all around the world in 2013 and made this beautiful video.


Match Burning in Ultra Slow Motion at 4,000 FPS

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 24 Jan 2014   / 5603 views

Simply mesmerizing!


How Falcons Hunt and Catch Their Prey

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 21 Jan 2014   / 3121 views


Sundogs with Halo in Moscow

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 20 Jan 2014   / 2194 views

This was filmed in Moscow yesterday.

You can learn more about this phenomenon here


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