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And That's Why You Should Always Wear a Seatbelt

Posted in Videos » Stupid 3 Oct 2014   / 8112 views

Especially if your friends are jerks!


The Ultimate Nutshot Compilation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 15 Aug 2014   / 5690 views


The Ultimate 'Pranks Gone Wrong in the Hood' Compilation (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 8 Aug 2014   / 7735 views

Actually it's more like 'stupid pranksters found the trouble they were desperately searching for' kind of compilation.


Fire Challenge Compilation: More People Deserving a Darwin Award (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 4 Aug 2014   / 6125 views

Talk about a stupid "game"...


This guy deserves a Darwin award



Idiot vs Revolving Door (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 24 Jul 2014   / 5889 views

Warning: contains blood


How to Scare a Rottweiler (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 1 Jul 2014   / 6501 views

How to Scare a Rottweiler

Stupid Guy almost Kills Himself with a Tire and a Box Cutter (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 2 Jun 2014   / 6800 views

And this is why you should never open a fully-inflated tire with a box cutter.


Stealing People's Gas in the Hood Prank (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 20 May 2014   / 6338 views

Looks like pranksters just want to get their ass kicked these days. This prank is stupid and the reactions were to be expected.


Two Teenagers Pretend to Be Cops and Pull Random People Over

Posted in Videos » Stupid 19 May 2014   / 4380 views

They pull over a man who supposedly picked up a prostitute...


The Best Way to Handle a Drunk Driver (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 24 Apr 2014   / 7600 views

The Best Way to Handle a Drunk Driver

Girl Almost Killed by Speeding Race Truck for a Picture! (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 7 Mar 2014   / 5200 views

Another Darwin award example


So, You Think You Drive Fast, Huh? (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 6 Feb 2014   / 6808 views

Filmed in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Lucky Guy Almost Loses His Legs in a Close Call with a Tram (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 5 Feb 2014   / 4118 views

And that's why you need to look carefully when crossing the street


From 0 to 300 Days in Jail in Under 3 Minutes, Auction Style (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 31 Jan 2014   / 5697 views

A good example of how not to talk to a judge and why you'd better get your mouth shut.


Russian Workers Having a Break (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 30 Jan 2014   / 4320 views

They're probably all drunk


Man Tries World Record for Fastest Time Jumping through 10 Panes of Glass (2 pic + 1 video)

Posted in Videos » Stupid 18 Dec 2013   / 5218 views

Jesus 'Half Animal' Villa tries to set up a world record and with a name like that, what could go wrong?
More details after the jump.


Snowball Fight Quickly Turns into Bullying

Posted in Videos » Stupid 9 Dec 2013   / 1593 views

A mob of stupid students led by football players from the university of Oregon organized a snowball fight after a rare snowfall, but they had nothing more intelligent to do than annoying car drivers by covering their windshields with piles of snow and throwing snow at the face of those who'd make the mistake of getting out of their car such as the professor you can see in this video.


A Pedestrian Who Couldn't Care Less...

Posted in Videos » Stupid 5 Dec 2013   / 1464 views


PS4 Launch Mayhem in Germany

Posted in Videos » Stupid 2 Dec 2013   / 1447 views

The closest thing to Black Friday in Europe was the launch of the PS4.


Crazy footage from Black Friday 2013


Brazilian Synthol Freak Showing Off

Posted in Videos » Stupid 2 Dec 2013   / 7136 views


The Gay Server Tip Discrimination Scandal Was Nothing but a Fraud

Posted in Videos » Stupid 27 Nov 2013   / 1747 views

You probably have about this story as it was went huge this week but just in case you didn't: a family would have refused to tip a server because she was gay and left an anti-gay note.

But it appears that things are quite different when you've got the other side of the story...

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