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Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (31 pics)

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Shipping pallets made of compressed cocaine. Recently seized by authorities in Spain

The dog helps his human in the garage

Bitcoin Farm

This is what $487 gets you in Hong Kong – 60 Square Feet of space

Hanakapiai Beach is one of the most dangerous places in the world to go swimming 

Due to powerful rip currents and waves that are known to sweep people out to sea. In the event that a swimmer gets caught in a rip current, the closest safe shore area is about six miles away. Due to these hazardous conditions, The Telegraph reports that at least 83 people have drowned there over the years.

The Search Results Of A 12 Year Old Going Through Puberty

Ronda Rousey kept her promise and attended the Marine Corps Ball with Marine Lance Cpl. Jarrod Haschert

First set photo from The Disaster Artist. James and Dave Franco as Tommy and Mark

Rubber is for suckers

Florida man has a heart attack while mowing lawn. These firefighters stayed behind to finish the job

Before and after photos show how far a puppy has recovered after being rescued off a busy interstate only 30 days prior.

Venezuela’s economy has slumped to such lows that unemployed individuals are taking up jobs as professional standers-in-line: taking the place of people who pay them to stand for hours, blocks away from grocery stores, for access to limited supplies of milk, flour, and other necessary goods.

The Most Ridiculous Rental Agreement Of All Time

Bionic Model Rebekah Marine

LAX photographed in the same spot for an eight hour period

Neil Peart’s drum set

Murder Mittens

This isn’t Bladerunner – a building in Beijing with a video screen

Miss America’s costume for Miss Universe

This city covered up some beautiful art. And now they have dicks…

This teacher was suspended after students found racy pictures of her online

When the teacher allowed a 3″ x 5″ notecard for the final exam…this student took it to the next level!

This is a coffee and pastry shop in Lesbos, Greece where the owner opens his doors every night for these poor, helpless and homeless dogs, so they can have a worm place to spend the night and not be outside in the cold.

Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years, at 40 years old….

Sign at local ice rink

What it’s like buying liquor in the ghetto

China would like people to stop hiring funeral strippers

The goal of hiring strippers for a funeral is not some religious rite. It’s meant to attract more mourners to the event.

Inside Vaders Suit

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