These Kids Are Too Kind For This World! (30 PICS)

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"Double backpacking it! My son bailed out of my truck super fast this morning to go help a classmate."


"My daughter can be super sweet sometimes. Our roomba started working but had a low battery so he was going back to its base and my 3 year old asked what was wrong. I told her that he was tired because he worked all night. She picked it up and carried it upstairs to her room and made him a bed."


"My kid thought the mailman should get mail too."


"Abundant love project. Our church reverse tithed $50,000 to everyone over 3 in the congregation after the sale of some property. Everyone got $242 to use how they saw fit. Ryker chose to buy gifts for kids who would otherwise not have them for Christmas. It was so fun unleashing him on the toy aisle."


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"My daughter wanted to be a sheepdog for Halloween."


"My daughter and her cows read a comic book at the State Fair."


"My daughter put her sandals inside my work shoes so she could wear them and “be like daddy”."


"I’m a UPS driver and I cried when I opened up our son’s letter to Santa."



"It’s 103+ out, my daughter and niece waited for the garbage men to come by so they could run outside and give them some ice cold Gatorade."


"The pride and joy my daughter felt when she grew her own broccoli. I love this photo!"


"My kids wanted to clean our walking path in Ontario, Canada."


"When I picked my 3yo daughter up from auntie she said she had something for me in her pocket.

She pulled a whole handful of flowers from her pocket and turns out she spent all afternoon picking the perfect flowers for mommy and keeping them in her pocket and it’s the nicest bouquet I’ve ever gotten."



"My daughter donating her 12” of hair she’s grown for Wigs For Kids."


"My 9yr. old daughter brought breakfast in bed for me this morning and this note was attached."


"Not feeling the best, struggling with grief, my daughter made me supper. Just pizza but meant a lot to me today."


"Yesterday my daughter wanted to open a lemonade stand…on a Wednesday…when it was 72 degrees out. Business was slow until these two decided to stop. They made her day!"



"This little kid offered to read my 1yo daughter a book at the library. She was very intrigued and loves waving at people she likes."


"My daughter saw me painting a Fox and drew her own and gave it to me."


"My friend’s daughter is one of the sweetest people I know."


"My daughter woke me way earlier than usual on a weekend. I said grudgingly I would get up — if she made me a cup of coffee. She brought me TWO because it was so early."



"I was on the bus and a kid threw a drawing on my seat, I was really annoyed and shoved it in my bookbag. When I got home I freaked out about an assignment and saw this. Thank you for saving me from a mental breakdown/panic attack, bus child!"


"Today we had to shut down power to half of our store while our meat case got serviced. That meant no internet, no credit cards, no phone for 30 min. We were cash only.

During this time a young man (9yrs old) came in with money he had earned to get bait. A local sheriff was also in to get lunch and learned upon approaching the register our credit card machine was down, he decided to eat in his car and wait for our power to come back and return to pay.

Bentley came to the counter and told us he would like to pay for the officers lunch. Let’s just say we had to fight back tears. I took Bentley out so he could tell the sheriff his lunch was on him. What an amazing young man. We are so proud of you!"


"My daughter made a valentine for our carpenter. He seems pleased."


"My 15 year old daughter made this cake! She’s been baking since she was tiny. Every year she makes a cake for a friend in our community who is developmentally delayed. This year’s theme was pizza. She wants to own a bakery when she grows up."



"My daughter’s classmate helping out the batties for his birthday."


"My son dressed up for virtual tour of the moon."


"My nephew has some special needs, and I had the honor of going with him to his first Homecoming this year. He doesn’t have a lot of friends, but he still wanted pictures with everyone else, and this group of kids asked him to come take pictures with them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happier!"


"My daughter found a fossil in our yard and wrapped it for me as a Christmas present!"



"Watching my son meet his brand new baby sister today has gotta be the greatest moment of my entire life and I just wanted to share that with all you fine gentle dudes."



Abbie 3 year s ago
"Arminta" you almost certaily live in a city, which means you are alive because of people like this man.
Lola 3 year s ago

This is almost as stupid as the comment on facism. No "certainty" of city living or even a police force for others online. Equally probable that, like me, they live in a remote town, and they just have Troopers drive out only if absolutely nessisary. If they even have Troopers.





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