These Facts Will Give You The Creeps! (29 GIFS)

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The human eye has the consistency of a hard-boiled egg.


More debt exists than money. It is impossible for all debts to be paid.


Mortgage means “death pledge”.


Someone in the world is being tortured as you’re reading this.


There is a company that uses dead bodies to make coral reefs.


“All new home construction is s@#t. Doesn’t matter the company. In the industry we call them “30 year homes” because nothing about that Home is going to last longer than 30 years. Anyone in the company above the actual superintendents only care about money and the easiest way to get the bank to give you $400,000 is to pawn $100k of s@#t materials and $75k of piss poor labor off on the unsuspecting home buyer. New home construction is a f@#king joke.”


There exist a disease with a 100% fatality rate and is currently incurable is spread through meat.


Mutineers on ships were hung by their nails. Another form of punishment was Keelhauling: When a man would be dragged along the bottom of the ship from one end to the other. If he didn’t drown, he would likely die from infection due to the cuts from the barnacles underneath the boat.


The fact that you exist at all is INCREDIBLY lucky.


“Pozole, arguably the most popular soup in Mexico, was eaten with human flesh by natives during the new world conquest. When cannibalism was banned by the missionaries, they opted for them to use pork instead as it “tasted similar”.


Popping a zit on your nose can give you a fatal brain infection. It’s called the Danger Triangle.


Sloths metabolism/digestive system is so slow they can starve to death on a full stomach.


Just a thought: Are “you” the voice inside your head, or the person the voice is talking to?


“Mental health professionals can only break confidentiality and report homicidal thoughts or intentions when there is a specific, identified victim.

A client can tell us that they fantasize about killing women or even that they want to kill women, and we cannot say a word to anyone. It is only reportable if they say “I want to kill Jane Doe” or “I’m going to go this big box store and kill women”.”


MH 370, an airline who was last seen skirting the military radar of Malaysia, has showed no traces of being found after 7 years. All passengers are presumed dead with no remains to be buried.


A 21 year old girl from South Carolina had a psychotic episode after using meth… she pulled both of her eyes out and crushed them in her hands because she thought she needed to in order to save the world.


After the bombing of Hiroshima, “black rain” that contained radioactive material fell, and many didn’t realize it until it was too late.


Unless you live in a fortress, your house is essentially defenseless. If someone is hell bent on getting in, they will. Locks only keep honest people out.


There may be millions of civilizations out there, but the universe is so incomprehensibly vast that we might never be able to contact them and vice versa. And it’s also possible that every civilization inadvertently destroys itself before interstellar space travel can be achieved.


Your brain makes choices without you knowing; then tricks you into thinking the choices were yours, by allowing you to invent gratifying reasons why you supposedly chose them. Research on split-brain patients has proven all of this.


“The stimulant effect of coffee at a given regularly consumed dose only lasts a few weeks. After that, your body becomes addicted to coffee and most of the “boost” you get is actually the relief of withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine.”


Cadmium poisoning is so horrible the name in Japanese literally translates to” it hurts it hurts.”


If a hamster manages to get it’s hands on your body if you are dead, it will use chunks of your skin, hair and other stuff to make a nest. Leaving a very bloody and messy scene behind.


The way you were raised will influence the way you will raise somebody else.


Seemingly 100% healthy people with literally no reason to believe they would have any reason to, can still spontaneously drop dead.


There was a very last time both your mom and your dad hold you on their laps or carried you on their arms before they never did it again.


Almost all of the water molecules you drink have been inside someone or some animal’s body and has been pissed out.


“In 2019, there was a document about internet predators. The filmmakers hired three young-looking actresses and let them pose as 12yo girls on social media for 10 days. They received 2458 messages. Only one of them actually wanted to chat, the rest were sexual predators.”


“I Asked a hearse driver one of the things he was surprised to see first time on the job, he said sometimes you hear knocking from the caskets, this happens more often than you’d think.”


Gus 2 year s ago
As usual, half of these are BS.
Zedediah 2 year s ago
Which half? Please enlighten me.
Lloyd 2 year s ago

the right half
Adelaide 2 year s ago
Many of these are probably true, but you have to consider that this information is coming from average people on Reddit or Twitter. You gotta do your own research, people. Simply believing whatever others may tell you is dangerous.

I googled #7: TSE's- a group which includes mad cow disease (rabies and a couple of others are ~100% fatal)
Sig 2 year s ago
#29 - not in first world countries. In first world countries they drain your blood etc
Ferbie 1 year ago
#18. Yeah, my house is not “defenseless”.
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