Nightmare Bosses You’d Dread Working With (50 PICS)

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"The Audacity Of This Restaurant Owner. He's Asking Customers To Increase Tipping So That His Staff Could Be Paid More"

"Dollar General Management With An Inspiring Message To The Staff"

"Owner Prohibits Drive-Through Employees From Wearing Jackets During Cold Winter Months"


"This Was My Boss's Response To Me Calling In Sick. What Should I Do? I Can't Find A Cover"

"I Was Just Trying To Get Enough To Eat, And My Manager Sent Me This"

"The Office Manager Tries To Bully Me Into Giving Money For A Present For Our Millionaire Boss"

"The office manager is your typical social butterfly who loves to gossip and suck up to the boss at any opportunity she gets. I’m paid so poorly, but I have a job to make ends meet for my family. I don’t have anything extra in my budget for myself or my kids, let alone to put towards a gift for my already rich boss. I hate this toxic workplace."


"I Asked For A Raise On Tuesday And Received This Text Message Yesterday Morning"


"I Got Fired For Not Going To Work The Day Of My Grandpa's Funeral"

"I was a great waitress. I had worked there for over a year, made a slightly higher tip percentage than the other girls, was always on time, and showed up. To give "proof" that I was a great waitress, I had just been given a raise and been promoted to a shift lead position.

The restaurant had planned a Halloween party. We were all supposed to dress up, and we had a special menu planned. My grandpa was in hospice during this time and unfortunately passed away. As soon as I knew when his funeral was, I asked if I could have the day off. They said no because "all waitresses needed to work on the Halloween party". However, they let a girl take the night off because she’d been there a month and she "wasn’t comfortable working at a party yet". Well, fast-forward to the day of the funeral, and I just could not bring myself to rush home, put makeup and costume on, and be energetic with strangers, a mere three hours after burying my grandpa. I texted this at 1 PM, and the shift starts at 5 PM. It was really unfortunate because I considered my manager a true friend, but this really showed their true colors."


"They Told Me The Staff Reduction Was Necessary"

"I just got laid off without even being given 2 weeks' notice and then I got this sent to me accidentally from one of my bosses."


"My Mum Has Stage 4 Cancer In 5 Areas And Her Boss Has Been Pressuring Her To Come Back To Work"

"My Boss Offered A "Smile" To Incentivize Me Picking Up Extra Hours"


"This Is How My Coworker Handled This Text From My Boss"

"Update and context: This line cook had already previously put in his two-week notice due to moving out of state to take care of sick family and was days away from leaving anyway. Yes, he hit send and actually quit. Yes, he is leaving the industry. This isn't our chef he is texting. It's the owner."


"My Contract Is For 25 Hours A Week, Part-Time And Today I Received This Week’s Schedule. I'm Scheduled For 48 Hours With No Prior Warning"

"I Was Admitted To The Hospital With Sepsis And My Boss Expected Me To Roll Out Of The Hospital Straight To Work. "Audrey" Is HR. This Was After 3 Days Of Her Harassing Me Non-Stop About Work"

"Cassidy, Read That Again, But Slowly"


"I Have Been In The Hospital For A Week, Trying To Determine The Source Of My Pain. Potentially Having Surgery This Week To Get My Gall Bladder Removed. This Is My Lovely Boss's Response"

"So Serving Expired Food Isn't A Big Deal Anymore"

"Manager Ignoring My Time Off Request That Was Approved"

"Over two months ago, I requested time off for Halloween, and it was approved the next day. Then earlier today, next week’s schedule came out, and I’m scheduled to work on Halloween. I wouldn’t be as mad if I didn’t make plans for Halloween, but I did. Should I be as frustrated as I am, and how should I approach this?"


"This Is An Insulting Statement Against Wife's Work"

"My wife's salary is made out of commissions and instead of getting cash payment for a product she sold, her company gave her 6k Hong Kong dollars ($766) in vouchers to spend in a "Japanese supermarket".

This supermarket isn't even located in our area and we will have to carry the groceries from far away by public transport or cab.

P.S. In Hong Kong, we don’t drive like most locals."



"Text I Received From My Boss While I Was Sick In Bed"

"I had told her the day before that I was attempting to look, but of course, nobody wanted to cover. She didn't respond, so I sent a follow-up text, and that was the reply I got. What is this joke about making employees find their own coverage while sick? I was literally passed out on the floor, being told I needed to find coverage."



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Serilla 3 days ago
In all fairness, when are we going to see "Nightmare Employee's You Regret Hiring" for a change? wassat
Cleatus 3 days ago
Lost your job? Don't worry, I'm sure an illegal gimmegrant will be along at any moment to fill the position.
Leon 2 days ago
#48 lmao. is this the burger king that went viral?? the employees and managers were treated like crap in very bad environment, like no a/c in summer, no breaks, no overtime pay.. and they put up a sign outside saying We All Quit. the district manager lost her shit. hired new people and now today that building sits empty and boarded up. Keep up the good fight employees!!!
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