These are colorful pictures of Egypt that date back to 1920. At those times the country was under the patronage of the United Kingdom, as British troops occupied Egypt in 1882. You can see that not much has changed in Egypt since then…


Colorful Photos of Egypt in 1920

Can you imagine fitting over 2,000 letters on a rice seed or writing a message on one hair? Vladimir Aniskin is a genius of microminiatures from Russia. He can write and draw on rice, hairs, and even create amazing microsculptures on poppy seeds and grape seeds. See some of his most wonderful works (it takes up to half a year to create one microminiature) after the jump.


Three pictures are drawn on the section of a rice seed.

Russian Master of Microminiatures

These artistic pieces are created by a model sitting on one end of Skype and the artist Sandro Kopp on the other. He takes in effect the changes in speed of the connection. He has had 36 different models from his friends to the famous. They are all included in an exhibition entitled Not a Still Frame (Hybrid).


Sitting for Skype

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TGIF! Its finally here Friday, we told you it wouldn’t take to long to zoom on in and the weekend is right there ready and waiting for us to jump into and have some fun. So start your weekend splash by wading into these photos.


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