Adult Jokes in Cartoons from Your Childhood (22 pics + 4 gifs)


The note Edd's parents left in his bathroom in "Ed, Edd, and Eddy:"

Dot looking for finger prints in "Animaniacs:"

The "hooker" in "Toy Story:"

Why Arnold's Grandpa has a bad memory in "Hey Arnold:"

Not to mention THIS:


And Helga's love poem to Arnold:

This "Ren and Stimpy" scene:

Spongebob getting caught watching sea-porn:

And Spongebob telling Gary not to drop the soap:

Let's just think about this for a second. The Krusty Krab is in Bikini Bottom:

A little girl saying she was an accident on "Powerpuff Girls:"

In "Rocko's Modern Life," when Rocko goes to pick berries from a bush here hears a loud scream...

...And out jumps this bear:

And the name of their favorite restaurant is "Chokey Chicken:"

The writers of "Rocko" seemed to really love that joke:

Some more moments from "Rocko's Modern Life," presented without comment:

What happens to Mama Bear in "Shrek:"

"The Rugrats Movie" making a circumcision joke:


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  1. Dyelle
    OMG!!! my childhood is ruined :(
  2. SuckaMC
    Those are there for all the fathers that are forced to watch that shit with their kids.... Thank god for sponge bob.. and old school loony tunes....

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