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Amusing GIFs That Sum Up Your Daily Life Perfectly (21 gifs)

Posted in Gifs   13 Aug 2013   / 24818 views

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When someone suggests you try having a positive attitude:

When you lose a board game:

When you’re really tired and everything is hilarious:

When you decide to order something else besides ‘the usual’ at your favorite restaurant:

When you see someone you hate in public:

When you find out your favorite grocery item is being discontinued:

Thinking about your ex:

Those first few steps out of bed in the morning:

When you were a kid and blew bubbles for the first time:

When small children ask you a bunch of questions:

When someone asks you what is going on in your life:

When the pizza guy shows up an hour late:

When people who ordered after you get their food first:

When your favorite part of a song comes on:

Your political views:

When someone says, “Don’t press that button”:

When you see a hot person:

When you and a friend say the same witty thing at the same time:

When the person you like gives you a compliment:

Trying to get work done after a long night of partying:

When you ask if anyone wants the last slice of pizza, and someone actually says, “Yes”:

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