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Sick, Homeless Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets Rescued

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 17 Dec 2013   / 3516 views

The dog was in a really poor condition but got rescued and even helped later to take care of another rescued dog.


Filmography 2013

Posted in Videos » Awesome 12 Dec 2013   / 1126 views

Elvis Reincarnated in a French Canadian Teen

Posted in Videos » Talent 11 Dec 2013   / 4747 views
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French Canadian teen David Thibault, 16, covers Elvis Presley's classic 'Blue Christmas' with perfection and does a better job than any Elvis impersonator than I've seen before


Girls Who Have the Cute Factor (53 pics)

Posted in Girls 11 Dec 2013   / 24484 views

Best Wins of 2013

Posted in Videos » Wheels 9 Dec 2013   / 5494 views


Mesmerizing Art: Water Transfer Printing

Posted in Videos » Art 7 Dec 2013   / 6835 views

Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects. Read more here.

Mesmerizing Art: Water Transfer Printing

Disney Voice Singer Singing in a Bar with Darren Criss

Posted in Videos » Talent 6 Dec 2013   / 1611 views

'Disney Legend' Lea Salonga (Jasmine from 'Aladdin' and Fa Mulan in 'Mulan') and Darren Criss (Glee) singing 'A Whole New World' with the entire bar singing along.


Russian Fighter Pilot Attaches a GoPro Camera on a Mig-31

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 5 Dec 2013   / 2071 views

As you can see here


it was no simple task, they had to build a box strong enough to protect the camera.


Magnificent Time Lapse of Earth as Viewed from the ISS (4k Res)

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 4 Dec 2013   / 1544 views

View in 4K by selecting 'Original HD' in Youtube settings.


Giant Spinning Ice Disk Spotted in North Dakota River

Posted in Videos » Awesome 29 Nov 2013   / 1717 views

This rare weather phenomenon would be due to a combination of cold, dense air and an eddy in the river.


Pretty Girls Run the World (30 pics)

Posted in Girls 27 Nov 2013   / 54244 views

Talented Young Woman Plays the Erhu: the Chinese Violin

Posted in Videos » Talent 27 Nov 2013   / 2282 views

And at the end, she makes her instrument sound like a whinnying horse


Sportsmanship at Its Finest

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 26 Nov 2013   / 5962 views

A nice collection of touching and heartfelt moments in sports


Photographer Uses RC Camera Buggy to Get Unique Lion Close-Ups (22 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Animals 25 Nov 2013   / 6856 views

This was filmed in Botswana by professional photographer Chris McLennan. No lions were injured during the making of the video but I can't say the same for the "Car L" RC buggy...


Photographer Uses RC Camera Buggy to Get Unique Lion Close-Ups

Disney's Take on Snow Simulation

Posted in Videos » Animation 23 Nov 2013   / 8939 views

For their latest movie 'Frozen', Disney has created a snow simulator to improve realism and ease the work, it's simply stunning.

The future of physics in gaming and animation looks promising!
Skip to 0:55 if you're not interested in the explanations.


Disadvantaged Waterboy Gets Bullied, Whole Team Reacts

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 23 Nov 2013   / 5742 views

There's something powerful about kids behaving in such a way.


Glaciers Can Be Dangerous

Posted in Videos » Beautiful 21 Nov 2013   / 1886 views

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