You Do This Every Day And It’s Bad For You (12 pics)

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It isn’t uncommon for people to keep their wallet in their back pocket, and with this comes the habit of sitting while it’s still in there. If you’ve got a big bulgy wallet, it’s even worse. Sitting with your wallet in your back pocket for even 15 minutes can cause your spinal ligaments to change. Over time, this asymmetry can cause chronic back pain, sciatica, and functional scoliosis.


I do this, most of you do this, everyone who has a smart phone probably does this. The thing is, it’s hard when everything so easily accessible on your phone. Plus, a lot of us rely on our phones for alarms, so there’s a handy excuse right there. Using your phone in bed not only messes with your sleep, it promotes daytime fatigue, weight gain, stress levels, and causes productivity levels to take a hit.

Stop taking your phone to bed and you WILL see a positive difference.


Studies have shown us that you don’t need to have your water piping hot in order to kill the germs. In fact, you don’t need it to be hot at all. Not only this, studies also show that cold water is better for your hands than hot water is. It is a common misconception that hot water kills germs. While that is kind of true, the fact is that the water needs to be incredibly hot in order for this to happen. Water that hot would damage your hands. So, stick to cold water and a good soap.


While drinking water is obviously good for you, bottled water can pose a threat to your health. Not all bottles are going to be high quality, in fact, the majority aren’t. When exposed to heat for considerable amounts of time, superficial layers of the plastic may release a toxic chemical, bisphenol A, which can contaminate the water you are drinking.


We’ve all been there, you’ve been thinking about a particular meal all day and when it shows up you just muck it down like it’s nothing. That’s not very good for you, though, as studies show that eating food too quickly can cause you to put on weight faster, increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes. Furthermore, eating too quickly can cause you to over eat because you aren’t giving your body any time to realize it’s even full.


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While it makes sense in our heads to brush our teeth after eating, the fact is that we should wait about half an hour before doing so. The reason is that our teeth are covered in enamel that gets weakened by acids in our food, so brushing them at this point could potentially damage your teeth.


While it feels AMAZING, cleaning your ears with cotton swabs is actually pretty bad for you. Why? Because these swabs often push wax deeper down into your ear canal, ultimately leaving your ears vulnerable to pollution.


Studies show that these things more or less just blow fecal matter particles all over the place and don’t do much to actually dry your hands off. You’re best to use paper towels or to shake them dry and pat them down on your own clothes.


It’s no secret that salt directly effects your health when it comes to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stomach cancer. But… we still use salt, and a lot of it. The amount of salt in our food is actually pretty nutty when you become aware of it. So hey, don’t add extra salt to things that you don’t need to.


Drinking juice is definitely something that is good for you, provided you’re drinking decent juice. However, drinking too much juice can be harmful to your health because of the fructose levels within the juice. If you’re drinking large amounts of juice too often, you run the risk of tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.


This one stings. But, it’s true, sleeping too much can have a negative effect on your health. Ideally, you want to sleep anywhere between 7-9 hours a day. If you consistently sleep too much, you can find yourself linked with things like depression, heart disease, obesity, and impaired brain functioning.


The fact of the matter is that sitting down for too long every day can cause a number of health problems. Try and stand up and take a little bit of a walk or stretch every half hour or so to combat this.


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Court 1 year ago
Some mor background infromation would be nice. Especially on #11. Usually people tend to sleep not enough.
I think #11 is nonsense.



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