Not All Teachers Are Great… (7 pics + 13 gifs)

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1 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“Grade 10 English teacher. Had an assignment where we made up fake names and did a penpal to other students in the class. He also joined the assignment and wrote sexual letters to one of the female students.”


2 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“Third-grade teacher. She had her teacher’s pet that could do no wrong. One day she gets a low score on her test and begins crying. To make her feel better, she points to the worst student in the class (that probably had an undiagnosed learning disability) and says in front of the whole class, “don’t worry you could be like her and have an F carved into your report card.” Even 3rd grade me was like wow whatta [email protected]#ch.”


3 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“In fifth grade, she yelled at me for using a mechanical pencil instead of wood on a page she would never read.”


4 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“He repeatedly tried to get female students’ phone numbers and kept a poster of Britney Spears in his room. He was incredibly pervy and creepy.”


5 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“A college business statistics professor who only talked about how rich he was from learning statistics and how he had a Porsche with a radar detector in the front and back. I failed that one. The next professor was much better and I actually learned from her, and passed!”


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6 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“In the early 1980’s I went to a Catholic school up until 8th grade. In fifth grade we had to do a report on a country in Europe. I was assigned Russia’s political history. I worked really hard on my report, and was already nervous about standing up in front of the class to give my speech. While giving my report, I had a very hard time pronouncing these very hard Russian names. I remember struggling and tried painfully to get through it. My teacher made me stop in the middle of my report and told me to sit down. Then she said, “Class, (my name) is a prime example of not being prepared.” “Learn from (my name).” I was so young and that affected me greatly. Thanks Mrs. K for planting the seed of anxiety, which I will have for the rest of my life. You truly made a lasting impression on one of your students.”


7 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“I had a college”ethics” teacher who hated the 4 people that were a certain major (mine). She failed us 4 and during one presentation, she kept asking me to speak louder and restart the presentation. She didn’t even let me finish the first slide before she told me to sit down. I started crying and just left the room.”


8 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“We had a professor at university who literally started his first lesson with a slide of last year’s average that showed 10% of students passed his exam. If 90% fail your exam but succeed in other subjects, maybe they aren’t all lazy, maybe your teaching sucks.”


9 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“A math teacher in grade 9. His name was Mr. Tingley. Not even kidding. The entire class, other than me, failed grade 9 math. None of us ever understood what he was saying. As an adult now I think he had dementia.”


10 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“She literally shoved a ball of duct tape in my mouth in front of the whole class because I couldn’t hold in my laughter after my friend said something funny.”


11 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“3rd grade teacher choked me against a blackboard. I remember looking out to my classmates and seeing the look of horror on their faces as I gasped for air. This was in 79.”


12 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“Well, funnily enough, my school history teacher was weird, she’d always give us strange assignments and tell weird stories about her personal life, but today I learned that she stabbed her husband to the stomach with a knife about a week ago. He’s alive.”


13 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“My current Latin teacher. Surprise tests every week in subjects we either very barely study or just don’t learn about. Nothing on classroom. No assignments. Literally no way of knowing the answers of the test.”


14 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“He asked me “did your father ever teach you how to act?” I informed him that my father had died 4 years earlier. Two weeks later my step-dad comes to pick me up for an appointment saying he’s here to pick up his child. Teacher over the phone with the office; “you mean the deceased father is here for pick up?”


15 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“In middle school jazz band, the teacher asked me to play a solo during one of our performances. After the performance, the teacher congratulated us and told the soloists what a great job they did… except me. For me I was told how horrible I sounded in front of the group. Never performed a solo again haha.”


16 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“One time, I had a messy desk (you remember those ones with the top that flipped up so you could store your books and stuff inside). She picked up the desk and literally dumped all my books and school supplies on me and made me clean it up off the floor while the rest of the class watched. Of course I started crying. What kind of sadist does that to a [email protected]#king 6-year-old?”


17 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“I had a professor who was awful at teaching. I never liked him. He eventually got fired after an investigation into him, sparked by PETA we were told, found that he was doing unethical testing on puppies and falsifying data for academic studies before coming to our college. I forget his name, but he taught genetics.”


18 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“My math teacher was a terrible person. She once wanted to call my mom because I wasn’t doing it how she wanted and she got mad at me cause I didn’t knew the mobile number of my mother. (I think it was in 7th grade or so) She also told me in front of the whole class I’m not the brightest bulb.”


19 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“There was a sub that hit on me when I was a 15 yr old junior describing his 4 inch [email protected]#k and bragging about the other girls he banged but saying they were legal because he waited until they graduated and turned 18.”


20 Not All Teachers Are Great…

“The community college teacher who locked the doors so students couldn’t get in or out of her classroom. A student told her that’s illegal and, at the very least, she is breaking the fire code. She said, “if you have a compliant go to the office and file one. If enough students complain a committee ‘might’ look at it. If they do, a ruling is still months away, and as a tenured professor, and personally friends with many people on this committee, I can tell you nothing will come of it.” Also all she did is try and sell us some self published book she wrote.”


Samuel 10 month s ago
I hade the same awful teacher in englis hand sport. In english he gave back a clas work. He didn'T gave back mine, he said to the whole class rhat this was mine and said, here the funny things he wrote and read out lout some parts with mistakes (I'M not good at foreign langueges) it was "so funny" nobody laughed.
The same teacher two years later in sport, we were asked to dive 25 Meters. Those who didn'T made it had to try it the whole year at the beginnig of each course. After one month I was the only one who had to do this. For three more month every swimming class started by: every one was sitting down and I hat to try to dive 25 meters (I was good at long distant running, average basketball player, but was an awful swimmer and not suprisingly I still hate swimming)
Della 10 month s ago
Half of these the students are whiney bitches. Suck it up, grow a pair and tell the teacher where to stick it. Then escalate to next level, i.e. principal.
Welcome to life, it won't get better.
Madge 10 month s ago
Everybody probably had at least one along the way. Mine waited until I was at college and taking the class I had been waiting for while I got through the prerequisites was Abnormal psychology. It was a summer course that met for longer on less days and only ran six weeks. The guy teaching it wouldn't stop talking about his "practice downtown" which I felt was funny at first, especially since most first year psych students have the bad habit of trying to "analyze" themselves. Well that never stopped. To make matters worse we had a British student, who was a very friendly guy, but very ignorant and asked amazingly stupid questions the entire course. Oh and this guy didn't know what a positron emission tomography scan was or what it was for. A practice downtown. Yikes.
Chloe 10 month s ago
I Had a teacher whose husband was a cop in town. She was preggo and just went on and on about her pregnancy with the female students, never taught a lick from the book, and hated white kids like me. I had asked to test out of her class, as it was my first period class of the day, and I was also working full time to support myself, after having emancipated myself from horrible home life, and being a senior, working nights full time and living on two hours sleep daily I didn't want to discuss how the baby kicked or morning sickness. I needed the 1/2 credit from advancing in her class to graduate, and after waiting all year, buying the cap/gown, class ring, yearbook- the works- was in the second week of graduation practice and got the notice that I failed her class! my ring, yearbook, cap/gown were to be forfeited to a student "that deserved it and was going to graduate" with no financial reimbursement. Pleaded with the state board of education and was denied the credit- had to repeat the class the following school year with underclassmen, and was denied again- same class same teacher. Konawaena High school, Kealakekua, Hawaii, class of 1980. Two months after graduation I got pulled over by her husband who put a tiny pinch of grass clippings from yard mowing that were strewn on the floorboard of my car into the biggest ziplock baggie I had ever seen, busted me for pot possession- 43 grams. I Was no longer a minor so it went on my adult record as a drug bust.
Veda 10 month s ago
Read: "Bullyocracy": How the Social Hierarchy Enables Bullies to Rule Schools, Work Places, and Society at Large by Donald Jeffries. A real eye opener!
Felty 10 month s ago
Had a teacher fire a submachinegun out the classroom window when I was 13. Blanks though..
Erick 10 month s ago
I was in a special education class. learned all the same materials, just a smaller class, like 10 kids instead of 30. Anyway, one day we had a sub, and he was just chatting away on his cellphone. and we're like hey, we gonna learn anything? he told us to shut up. then said over the phone that he was "watching a class full of retards". yeah, we made damn sure that guy never became a teacher. that [email protected]#kin retard lol



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