This Cat Is Not Even Mine! (43 PICS)

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"My House. Not My Cat. It Only Took 10 Years, But One Of Our Long Term Ferals We Have Cared For Just Crawled Into My Lap. I've Never Felt More Honored"

"My Kitchen, Not My Cat. My Older Cat Escorted Him In Through The Kitty Door And Walked Him Over To The Food Bowl!"

"My Husband. Not My Cat. She Wandered In And Became Miss Steal Yo Man. This Was Last Night. She's Still Here Today.... I Don't Think She Has Plans To Leave"

"Not My Cat Provided Me With 13 Not My Kittens This Year. She Is Now Not My Spayed Cat"

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"Doing Dishes And Glance Out The Window These Are Not My Cats"

"My Neighbours Cat Arrives With A Meow At 7am And Stays The Whole Day Until Said Neighbour Texts Me At 5pm Asking For Her Cat Back"

"This Is My Patio And My Budgie, But Not My Cat"

"He showed up one spring hoping to mate with my two girl cats. But my girls are fixed and are permanently not in “the mood”. After breaking into my house, eating all the cat food and spraying, I looked into taking him to the Cats Home. They said he would most likely be put down as they felt he might not be easily adopted. So I decided to keep him. I buttered him up with food until I could pet him and booked him in with the vet to be neutered and microchiped. His name is Oskar and he’s been with us for 6 years."


"This Is My Rabbits House, He Doesn’t Have A Cat"


"3 Years Ago On Bonfire Night This Void Yelled Out From The Void Of My Damn Walls/Roof. My Wall Vent, Not My Cat"

"My House. My Porch. My Packages. Not My Cat. I Think This Is Part Of A New Program Through Amazon Prime... "Securikitteh". Because Nobody Messes With My Packages. N O B O D Y"

"My House, My Bed, Not My Cat! This Is Max, A Ginger Cat That Belongs To My Neighbor, And He Came By To Watch Some TV With Me"

"This Baby Kitty Was Not Our Cat"

"She followed my daughter home from the neighborhood store, walked right in the house and snuggled up. She pretended to be sweet, loving and cuddly. After one week of searching for her owner, we figured we would keep her. She must have used her spidey sense because she went from being a loving sweet kitty to a holy terror of a devil cat. She brings in at least one dead bird a day, body slams our other cats, smacks the dog, and will eat anything and everything you might leave on the counter. She has even jumped into the oven and we found her inside the refrigerator once. She wasn't our cat, but she made sure she ended up being our cat."



"My House’s Cat Bed, Not My Possum..."

"My Kitchen Island, Not My B E B B Y."

"My Roommate Was Taking The Trash Out And Heard Some ~screms~. She Found This B E B B Y By The Dumpster. She Is Veri Smol And Veri Cute. We Named Her Miso. The Vet Thinks Miso Is About 4 Weeks Old. We May Keep Her If The Other Cats Get Along With Her, But If Not We Have A New Home Lined Up. For Now We Are Raising Someone’s B E B B Y. This Is My Idea Of Child Support."

"My Couch, Not My Cat. She Or He Is Since The Lockdown Every Day In Our House And Sometimes She Sleeps In Our Bed At Night. She Us So Kind And Love Her So Much"

"My House Not My Cat"

"I have cried for the last 3 days. I have never been a cat person. I grew apparently VERY attached to my not my cat. I have bought him cat toys and a giant kitty tower. He went missing 4 days ago. I have cried since day 2. I have kitty kittied and walked my property so many times. Yesterday I broke and sobbed just knowing something had ate him. I checked at 2 AM for the probably 20th time to see of he was home...nothing. This morning I cried not my cat came home!!! He ate his food like he was starving and then chattered and meow at me like I never fed him. I see now how humans become cat slaves...there has to be a magical bond somewhere."


"My House, My Couch, Not My Cat(S) - At The Time The Picture Was Taken"

"This very young stray started visiting our yard this summer. Her visits became occurring daily; it became obvious she was spending nights there, too. Then she gave birth to 4 kittens under the porch. Soon she moved them into the garage. Next she started bringing them onto the porch . . . then into the kitchen . . . . then one day I woke up from a nap, and there they all were. I don’t think they plan on leaving."


"Close To Midnight Five Years Ago, I Was Startled By The Pathetic Mewling Of An Unhappy Kitty"

"My husband and I went all over our house, opening cabinet and closet doors in an attempt to free whichever kitty of ours had managed to trap his or herself. According to the vet, kitty was malnourished and suffering from ringworm on her ears. She was so young that she still had her milk teeth. In order to treat the ringworm, we had to massage an ointment all over her ears AND let it set for 15 minutes before washing it off. All without her messing with it. This is when I learned she was so freaking tiny that I could plop her entire body into a Crown Royal bag, gently draw the string just over her shoulders, treat her ears, and keep her safe, snug, and still until it was time to wash off the goo and let her free. Five years, and a lot of love later, her fur grew back and she fluffed up, though she's still rather diminutive for a full grown cat. Today, Not My Cat is now my beloved MoonShine."


"So Sorry For Breaking The Rules (And This Will Be My Only Update I Promise)—i Posted A Few Weeks Ago About The Feral Family Of Six That Are Taking Over My House (But Not My Cats). Today I Caught The Ferals Knotted Up On My Car Sleeping. Two Jumped Down Immediately, But The Rest Took Enough Time Out Of Their Busy Day To Give Me The Stink Eye. When They Feel Brave Enough To Do That, I Think That’s When They Officially Become Your Cats"

"This Is Our House. Not Our Cat"

"Some one dumped a little tabby cat outside our house. He was hiding under the car next to the road. Meowing very loud. Much to the horror my my other two older cats. I went out, got on my hands and knees and meowed back to the little kitten for 30 mins. He eventually came out and inside. He was so skinny. Gave him some mushed cat food and watered down milk. We went to bed thinking he would be gone out the cat door. 2 minutes later he was on the bed."


"These Two Guys Are My Cat, Bubba’s, Friends. Including Brown Cat! (The Other One I Call Pip). But This Is His Crew. They’re Two Outside Stray Cats, Formed An Alliance W Mine And Have Been Patrolling The Hood Ever Since. Probably Longer Than I Realize"

"I saw Brown Cat around for two years before he finally got brave enough to get close to me. Pip wasn’t even fixed so I took care of that. I have had to do sooooo much for these hooligans but they’re part of Bubba’s crew so we look out for them."


"My House Not My Cat. Unless Something Changes And His Owners Are Found, He Is Staying"

"His Is Not My Cat"

"She Followed My Cat Home One Day When She Was A Kitten, Chill Enough To Hang Around, Not Chill Enough For Pets. We Had A Hurricane Hit On The 16th, So She Sheltered In Our Garage With A Handful Of Other "Nmc's." Turns Out She Was Pregnant And Birthed A Single White Kitten During The Storm. Afterwards She Spirited It Away. Yesterday I Found Him Back In My Garage. I'm So Happy She Feels That This Is A Safe Space For Her Youngin."


"I Was Directed Here From Another Group. This Is Not My House, Its My Parents New Neighbors House. And This Is Definitely Not My Cat."


"My House, Not My Cat! She Silently Followed Me Through The Front Door, Then Jumped On The Sofa. Took Me By Complete Surprise. No Collar, So I Decided To Call Her Miss Pring, As She Made The Loudest “Prrringg” Noise To Get My Attention!"

"This Is My Mom In Her Kitchen. She Doesn't Own A Cat"

"My Cat Is Trying To Move His Friend In"

"My House, Not My Cat (Or Sponge.) She Just Came Running Through The Garden And Into The House With This Thing In Her Mouth"


"My Bed. Not My Cat"

"This is Tiger. He lives nearby me. He has humans, but they don’t take great care of him. He was attacked by an animal and developed an abscess on his head which I treated a few months ago, and he began spending more and more time bouncing between my porch and my neighbors’. Someone set out a bed for him. I began giving him wet food and flea treating him. Finally, I bit the bullet and got him combo tested to make sure he was safe to allow around my two cats— negative for everything. So...maybe he’s part-time my cat."


"My Deck.. Not My Cat And Kittens. We Keep This Large Carrier Outside For Our Tnr Cat Max. I'm So In Love With Them All Already"

"My Family, Our New House And Definitely Not Our Cat. It Is A Neighbourhood-Cat But Still Is Around When People Present, Former Owner Used To Feed Him And Now It Seems Our Responsibility"

"My House Not My Cat"

"I found out recently that this cat I've been feeding 3 times a day is not a stray, but belongs to a neighbour at the end of our street. I was showing her random photos on my phone and she asked why I had so many of her cat. This cat is a six-dinner sid and I am a sucker"


"My Cat Sam Eating, His Friend Robyn From Next Door, Patiently Waiting His Turn"

"My Neighbor Tagged Me In This Post Yesterday To Let Me Know That Her Cat Was Outside My Front Door Waiting For Me To Bring Her Out A Sheba. Her Cat Will Hound Me Relentlessly For Food Even Though She Has All The Food Her Can Eat Right Next Door. I Love Hank So Much. (Yes, Hank Is A Girl!!)"

"This Is Definitely Not My Cat, Even Though She Really Really Acts Like It."

"Olive is my neighbors cat who has a raspy smokers meow. We recently moved in and she made herself instantly at home by burgaling into our house through the windows and front door that I leave open through the day. We live tiny, so sometimes I will be facing one direction in my home, turn around and be greeted out of nowhere by a meow that sounds as if she just puffed on 20 packs of cigarettes."


"Sooo Last Night As I Was Walking To My Apartment From My Car This Little Cutie Meowed At Me And Was So Nice She Let Me Grab Her!"

" We Live In An Apartment Complex Where They Drive Like Maniacs And She Was Just Laying In The Middle Of The Road! She Has A Collar And We Tried Calling The Number But It Is Disconnected. I Emailed Pictures To The Complex That Way They Can Try And See Who's The Owners! So We Are Kitty Sitting Since Last Night! So My Apartment, Not My Kitty But I Wish She Was!!! Her Name Is Cali And She Is So Damn Sweet And Purry!!!"


"This Is My House And This Is What Greets Me When I Open My Front Door. We Have 2 Cats And This Is Not One Of Them"

"My Laptop, Not My Cat"

"She came to our house few weeks ago and then start comforting herself and following people in the house. Then this week, she start hijacking my laptop."


"My Wife And I Have One Cat, Named Ursula. She Lives In The House. Neither Of These Kitties Are Ursula"

"Shadow is by the fence. She lives with the neighbor but gallivants around the neighborhood. She has a little bell on her collar so we know when she’s coming. We call the other cat Thuggie Boi bc he’s got a clipped ear, so we know he’s been in the system. We think Thuggie lives at one of the houses behind us. I’ll put out a can of food in the early evening and they’ll come by and graze. I’m a cat dad through and through, so these cats aren’t mine, but they’re mine in my heart."


"Again? I Do Not Own This Cat. I Do Not Know This Cat. I Do Not Know How This Cat Got In My House"


"Intruder Alert"

"He showed up now!!!! AND GUESS WHAT????? HE ALMOST TOUCHED ME, ALMOST!!! He was exploring the room next to my bed and I put my hand down really slow and he looked at it!!! He was like 2,5 inches away from my hand!!!! AND DIDN'T RUN AWAY! HE JUST LOOKED AT IT AND CONTINUED EXPLORING! ALSO!! HE WAS PLAYING WITH ARTEMIS!!! They were running around and playing, so cute!!! I placed another blanket on the couch for him to be extra cozy and warm at night I'm sooooo happy right now!!!!"


"My House, Not My Cat. I Could Hear Him, But Took Me A While To Find Him. This Is A Neighbour's Cat George. You'll Probably Be Seeing A Lot Of George"

"Not My Cat, Sleeping Under My Grill"



Tony 3 year s ago
heart heart heart heart
Jude 3 year s ago
My house, not my cat
Lonny 2 year s ago
To the majority of these people that are saying, "Not my cat", I've got news for you. As Maury Povich would say, "This IS your cat". You ARE the father.......mother!!!
Maxine 2 year s ago
This is how you get a cat.

If you are not a cat person, get a dog.

<-- Doggo get rid of cat.

Dog or cat. Both are great.
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