When You Are Officially “Not Young” Anymore (30 PICS)

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"When I saw a smoking hot redhead on the subway, and instead of thinking "wow, she's smoking hot" I thought, "I hope she uses lots of sunscreen because she's vulnerable to skin cancer.""


"When a song I loved as a teenager appeared as an oldie on the radio."


"When I opened a new pack of sponges for dishwashing and became all excited to use a fresh sponge."


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"When I went to a nightclub last weekend and everyone looks like children..."


"I felt a sneeze coming on while I was bent over and legitimately thought, "I have to stand up straight for this if I want to keep my back.""


"When I only got 4 hours of sleep before work and felt like I was literally going to die. Ten years ago, I would drive 5 hours after work on Friday to see my SO, we’d party all weekend, then I’d leave at 1am on Monday, drive all night and go to work Monday. And i was exhausted but fine. Now, just one night of not enough sleep… I got old."


"When I started getting excited for 9pm bedtime."



"When I hated loud music, wanted to go home early and wanted my neighbors to keep the noise down. I am now Squidward."


"Saw some neighborhood kids messing with a stop sign while driving home. I slowed the car down, rolled down a window and said,

"Hey... I think maybe you shouldn't be doing that."

Which in my mind meant cut it out before an adult catches you.

But these kids look sheepishly at the ground and give me an ok like I was the adult in the situation. Which I was, gently chastising children for fooling around with public property.

Well, either that time or when I buried my father and realized I was the oldest living male in my family. That was more sobering than fun."


"When a 22 year old offered me their arm to get down steps. I'm not old, I was just tired you little punk!!"


"I’m scared of teenagers now"



"When I realized having a one in front of my birth year is all anyone needs to know I'm old enough to purchase alcohol. I don't know why but that dumb fact just hit me like a ton of bricks."


"When my daughter asked to listen to oldies. Like nirvana, pearl jam, foo fighters. I'm thinking no they are not oldies."


"I just bought a new mop and was really excited to go home and use it :( I mopped the whole apartment in absolute bliss. I finally decided that I will not fall for the Swiffer commercials again."


"When i stopped healing as fast as i used to."



"We went to a trampoline park for a friend's birthday. I pulled a muscle in the first ten minutes."


"When the check knee light came on"


"Neighborhood kid next door, must be 22 or so calls me sir. First time it happened I was like “sir? Dude I’m like….okay a lot older than you.”"


"When my best friend and I were planning for a concert next month and for the first time in our lives we were like "Do we... want to buy seats instead of standing in the pit?"."



"When I dislocated my jaw lying in bed yawning. Didn't even think it was even possible."


"It hits you when you’re 36. That’s the year you could’ve had a child at age 18 who would become 18 and possibly have a child, making you old enough to be a grandparent."


"When I started viewing guys on motorcycles with concern instead of awe… damn kids gonna get himself killed vs. oooh look at that hot rebel."


"7/23/2021 I was drying off after a shower looked down and realized... I am 40 and now have graying pubes. I actually wrote this on my calendar."



""Reasonably recent" references are met with dead silence and confusion by young adults/teens.

Kids call you "sir" or "that man over there"

Body aching the morning after moderate physical activity.

Food starts to give you problems while you used to eat tons of it with no repercussions."


"One day my back decided to leave a memo"


"It was when I went to casually step off a 4 foot drop.

I had one foot of the ledge and my brain screamed Danger, I had to stop reset and prepare myself to absorb the impact and make sure I bent my knees.

20 year old me wouldn't have thought at all about that.

I was in my mid thirties at the time."


"I got "ma'am"ed by a random twenty-something. Broke my heart"



"I took my fiancé back to the University I attended and we went for a drink at my old favorite bar. Ordered a margarita & the waitress said, “Do you want the well tequila that we serve to everyone or like…. adult tequila?”"


"Looking in the mirror. I'm in my mid 20s, but within the past year I've noticed that my reflection has reasonably changed and I definitely wouldn't be mistaken for a teenager anymore."



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Solomon 2 year s ago
When I mentioned how I trained to fight Soviets and some of the Marines just looked confused.
Minty 2 year s ago
These days whenever I see a hot young skinny chick my first thought is oh man I'd really like to take her to the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet and put some meat on her bones.
Marge 2 year s ago
Minty, not too many skinny hot chicks left, mostly chunky slobs - except in Asia
Elaine 2 year s ago
When you cannot be sure if that pain is temporary or lasts forever.
Cory 2 year s ago
1) When you have to spin the mouse wheel like six times to get to the year of your birth.
2) Just the other day this older lady at the gym front desk told me "have a great day sir" as I was headed out. I thought "who are you to be calling me sir?" Then I realized she probably is 12 - 15 years my junior.

It's all good though. Blessed by God every day!
Jos 2 year s ago
#22 I knew a woman years ago who was a grandma at 28.
Ron 2 year s ago
I feel old when I see posts like this where people half my age are starting to feel old!
Mahala 2 year s ago
#3 or a T.V. commercial jingle
Josophine 2 year s ago
When it takes 3 weeks to get over a drunk night.
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