Men Share Their Severest First Date Breakers (29 GIFS)

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"She said she was into pool, so we went to a bar to play a couple of games. It was a bar she was a regular at, and at one point about 4 of her friends showed up. The girl I was there with asked if I wanted another beer while they all went to the bar.

After they got a round of drinks and shots, the bartender waved me over, and asked if I wanted them all on my tab, apparently she’d said I was cool with it. I just laughed and shook my head, he said “if you dip right now I’ll handle it, bro”

Never even turned around to look at her, got some wings on the way home, and had a great night."


"When she invited her girlfriend on the date and they started ordering shots, I guess it could have been a fun night, but I was pretty sure they were trying to use me to pay for drinks… I paid for my drink and left."



"Her boyfriend’s buddy saw us and confronted her about it. It was a huge shock because we’d been talking for a few weeks and I thought we were really hitting it off. I told the guy to tell his friend I was sorry and had no idea, got up and left."


"When I was polite to the waitress and she screamed at me ” Would you rather be on a date with her then!?”"



"Girl on bumble wanted to re-enacting some kind of TV show with me and other guys where we compete for her.

I found out ON THE BUS to the date. I did not get off the bus."


"She said that she was just there for free drinks…

I’m not joking

She literally said that after 30 minutes or something…"


"At about the 7 -10 minute mark of one-word answers or silence with her head buried in a phone, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left"


"I went on a date with this girl once who was quiet and seemed disinterested. I finally said something about her not being interested or just rude.

She apologized and said that she was just nervous and asked for a second chance. I ended up marrying her four years later and divorcing her five years after that."


"When I realized she wasn’t the one in the picture from the dating site."


"When I was dating I had so many girls spend more time on their phones than talking to me I use to just start carrying cash to the date.

If she spent more time on the phone than talking to me I just dropped some on the table and walked out."


"She would not stop texting and taking selfies. After the fifth selfie, I got up and said I’m gonna leave."


"Throughout the dinner date she made fun of me and being condescending for having a job while she’s an aspiring entrepreneur whose gonna build her own empire."


"I was going to see a friend perform and picked the date up on the way. When I got there, she was s@#itfaced and started loudly discussing her sexual exploits and familial issues.

After dinner I said, “yeah, I’m gonna take you home now,” then I went to the show/had a great night alone lol"


"When I went to pick her up she introduced me to her 3 year old son as “dad”"


"Late to the party but halfway through the date (she asked me out), “im an escort so if you wanted to f@#k me I would have to charge.”"


"She showed up and we order drinks. She has a drink, then we order a pitcher of bourbon lemonade. Then a pitcher of beer. Within the hour, she’s hammered and telling me about her f@#ked-up life.

By the end of hour two, she’s eaten nothing but is so drunk that her brain seems to be operating on autopilot. She starts to cry and says: “I always do this!”

I got her a cab and took off."


"No conversation skills, no interest. We are at a super pricey Italian place (50+ a plate). I go to the bathroom and come back. She had eaten her dish and was digging into mine. Just deadeyes at me as I approached.

I paid half and just left.

She called me later and freaked out on me for leaving her half the bill."


"After we kissed she said ‘actually I’m married’"


"When she pulled a puppet out of her handbag and it was the puppet’s birthday."


"She told me she starved her pet hamster so she could get a dog when she was in high school because her parents wouldn’t let her have multiple pets and she laughed while telling me about it…"


"“You wanna get some coke? I know a guy and no offense but this is boring.”

20 minutes into a coffee ‘walk and talk’ date she requested because anything more complicated (like mini golf) was too much of a commitment."


"She gave me enough one-word answers to bore me out of my mind.

Date lasted 30 min and not a second longer."


"In college I went on a date with a girl who rolled down her car window and threw an empty soda can out her window when she was done with it.

It was a total turn off. I told her to drop me off at the next stoplight, and walked home."


"It took her five minutes to ask about my salary."


"Catfished. chick did not look at all in her pictures. i learned that day about “the angles”."


"Went on a date once, all her online pictures had dog ears. Met her at the restaurant. No dog ears. Made my excuses and left."


"Met at the pub for the first date, she went to the toilet within the first 10 minutes. Then again 10 minutes later. Then again. Then again. Then again.

She was pretty hot but I know cokehead behavior when I see it. Waited for her next trip to the toilet and walked out."


"Talked incessantly about her exes… especially sexual stuff… She was hot but damn I just met her 3 days prior… after an hour or so.. I noped on out of there"


"I got back from the bathroom and I found crystals on my seat, when I asked her if she saw anybody leave them there, she said: “Its to store parts of your energy and soul with me wherever I go.”"




Crissy 2 year s ago
A former neighbour (good looking woman) wrote me a holiday postcard, eventhough we havn't talk much more than "hello". We meet for a date but she seemed bored an was mostly silent and answered often only with one word. She seemd to be happy when I said "ok let's go back home". We didn't meet again. Next year in summer she worte me a postcard again, again we had a date, again she was bored, again we went home early ...
Crissy 2 year s ago
Meet a girl online, we agreed to meet in real life, she sent me picture. When I came to the bar where we wanted to meet I could see anyone looking like her. Then a woman approached me and asked if I was looking for her ... she excuded for sending a picture of herself more than 10 years younger. Even worse she gained at least 20 kg of wheight in between. I just sat down, explained that I was supprised. She said "every one is doing this". I said no I don't and appologized and left.
Deborah 2 year s ago
#19 I would definitely not have walked out on puppet girl!
It's rude not to congratulate someone on their birthday.
And you already know a threesome is in the future!
Rox 2 year s ago

Do not forget the benefits of a handjob mith a puppet on. :)
Rox 2 year s ago
Downright maniacs, some of them. Dodged the bullet...
Peggy 2 year s ago
B*tches be crazy.
Ignatzio 2 year s ago
#26 What does "had dog ears" mean?
Vallie 2 year s ago

It's just a lame attempt at a joke.
Darlene 2 year s ago
Women are only after one thing: whatever a man can buy them. We should just go after what they say is the only thing we want and be done with it.
Deborah 2 year s ago

Sooo, I'm betting you're not in a relationship then?...
Plus, that would mean you believe your and grandma are like that too? Wow...
Maybe these are just a few examples of a few bad women just like there are a few bad men? Just because a few are like this they are all like this?
I mean, there are a few pedo's among men too, so it's ok to say you're one too?
Nonie 2 year s ago
#20 So, you don't like dating smart people?
Nonie 2 year s ago
#24 One of my "winning the lottery" fantasies is to go on dates and tell women that I am unemployed. See how they react.
Bernard 2 year s ago
How come men became so fragile over the years ? MAN THE F@#K UP.





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