I am ok with tattoos and piercings. However this guy shocked me so much, I still can’t forget his crazy face and… lips. You have no idea what he did with himself! But he seems to be happy about his appearance and enjoys taking pictures with other people. This is totally nuts, I warn you!


A Guy Who Went Nuts (40 pics)

One would think that with the two great characteristics such as opposing thumbs and advanced brains, humans would be able to come up with some really useful inventions. Well, it would appear from the photos that sometimes the creative process becomes a disturbing mix of lack of common skill and sense, a strange sort of genius, and perhaps a little too much alcohol. The result is very dumb inventions.

Baby Toupee

Very Dumb Inventions (25 pics)

We showed you some of these photos before. But this time it’s the whole collection of priceless creative works of the Life is too short for a wrong job pictures used for one European job search web-site! Simply enjoy!

Creativity Without Limits (19 pics)

Most of us have felt the need to use our inventive skills at one time or another. However, these photos represent the times when we should have simply called a professional. They are some examples of when things should not be homemade. However, they are funny.

Circular Saw

Really Stupid Homemade Inventions (20 pics)

Can you imagine an iPod, a camera, an X Box and other devices being tasty and even yummy? It’s all possible, you'll see it inside this post :)

Geeky Cakes (40 pics)
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We wrote about the Hoover Dam Bypass project before. The main portion of it is the Colorado River Bridge that should be built by the end of 2010. This bridge will connect the Arizona  and Nevada Approach highways. Now you can enjoy the new photos as they are truly wonderful.


Beautiful Images of Hoover Dam (33 pics)

Here are some Chinese superhero knockoffs…
Creators really put imagination into these toys. Maybe someone will find them really creative but seeing Darth Vader on a police motorcycle is still really weird :)


Chinese Superhero Toy Fails (6 pics)

The illustrations in these photos are very creative and interesting. They were done by a very talented artist by the name of Ryan Mauskopf. They have an amazing amount of detail and are extremely colorful. They certainly appeal to one’s sense of imagination.

Amazing Colorful Illustrations (21 pics)

Pera is the name of a rooster who was born all alone and never had any company. However, one day he found a small white chicken to walk with. They soon become inseparable. Together they walked through the beautiful gardens. It would appear that they are truly lovebirds, as they gaze longingly at each other.

The Two Lovebirds (6 pics)

Eukarion Tales: Marcus, the Knight - See how the epic story of Marcus III, noble Knight of Adamantia, begun. Put on your armor, grab your sword and face with courage the mission that turned a young squire into a powerful Knight of the Diamond Order.
Eukarion Tales - Marcus, the Knight

Maya Blocks - Collapse the Mayan Blocks so that the spirits are pleased. Bring all blocks bellow the line without touching the side bars.
Maya Blocks

Popa - Heavy artillery against soap bubbles! Blast your way through all 50 levels in this funny new puzzle shooter. Move the mouse cursor to aim your cannon, tap on the left mouse button to fire. You completed the level once the minimum soap bubbles, located at bottom screen, have been popped.

Hugo Alone In The Tower - Hugo is back with better guns, deadlier enemies and a thirst for vengeance! Drop bombs, spray flames or rain down a wrath of hot lead with your always trusty mini-gun as waves of mechanized murder machines charge guns blazing from either side of your tower.
Hugo Alone In The Tower

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