Their Post-Divorce Changes Look Pretty Good (17 pics)

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This "depressed and nearly dropping out of school" pre-divorce look to this "doctorate graduate" post-divorce look:

"This is pic on the left is before I separated from my ex of 11 years. I was unhappy, lonely in my marriage, seriously depressed, and almost quit school. The pic on the right is me completing my doctorate four years later. I'm doing what I love and am truly content and filled with joy. Best decision ever to get divorced!"


This newfound confidence:

"After I got divorced I gained a whole lot of confidence. When the pain of my toxic relationship became scarier than the uncertainty of being alone, I was able to work up the courage to get divorced. I have no regrets about it. My life is so much better now."


This glam AF, well-deserved change:

"My ex made me feel as though I was selfish for ever wanting to continue my passions. I made babies and that’s where my life ended. I wasn’t worth more than that. I got the courage to cut the negativity, take care of myself mentally, and be a truer version of myself for my kids. It’s been up and down, but, even at the hardest as a single mom, I won’t ever look back."


And this magnificent glow-up:

"I started working out, went back to school, and just enjoyed life after my divorce. Sometimes change is hard, but it’s so worth it."


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This delightful, post-divorce look:

"Pre-marriage to divorcée! Happier, healthier, and glowy!"


This incredible transformation:

"After my divorce I gained happiness, independence, and a better life for my daughter and me. It was impossible to love or care about myself while trapped in a toxic and unfaithful relationship. I’m now five years post-divorce, and I’m remarried to a man who adores my daughter and me, and we’re expecting a baby boy in April!"


And this "overcoming all obstacles" look:

"For 16 years, I put up with an abusive alcoholic. The physical abuse ended after he sobered up, but his emotional torment, gaslighting, lies, and manipulation were endless even as a dry drunk. Took me years to finally have the courage to say enough for the children and I. It’s been six months post divorce and I love my glow! Not living in a constant environment of eggshells, fights, and toxicity can do wonders for your body and soul!"


This alluring glow-up:

"I am a million times happier, and in love with myself for the first time."



This self-love change:

"I was with my ex-husband for 15 years and was depressed and very self-loathing the entire time. I have been divorced for one year and am working on respecting myself."


And this admirable transformation:

"Being lied to, cheated on, and manipulated for 14 years can certainly change a person. I was very insecure, had very low self esteem, and the thought of leaving him left me feeling trapped and afraid. But I finally gathered the strength and now I'm more confident, more free, and, most of all, happy."


This "I look amazing next to Obama" post-divorce look:

"Divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me."


This self-esteem-boosting metamorphosis:

"I got married at age 21 in North Dakota. At age 25, I moved to New York City and got divorced. Within a year, I was crushing it in grad school."



This glowing transformation:

"I got married at 19 and divorced at 31. You don’t need anyone to make you happy other than yourself."


This "I can crush a bathroom selfie" look:

"I did tons of things to my hair that I didn’t want to, hoping he would call me beautiful. Surprise! It didn’t work. With the long hair I thought I couldn’t love, and 30 pounds lighter, I feel more confident in the random bathroom selfie than in the professional photo with full make up. It’s hard to love yourself when you are surrounded by hate, or worse, apathy."


This before and after transformation of making divorce her bitch:

"Life’s a beach, back then it was just a bitch. Tattoos suit me much better than my wedding ring ever did."


This proud metamorphosis:

"I finished my bachelors degree!"



This happy glow-up:

"I was depressed and unhappy during my marriage, and it really shows in all my pictures. Today, I am happy and independent after I finally said "no" to the abuse and cheating and took control of my life."



Journalist 5 year s ago
Let's just take into account, they look hotter after the divorce because they are trying to attract a mate. If they kept themselves looking good through the relationship, they'd still be in one.
Offer 5 year s ago
If these women had put as much effort into their marriage as they did into losing weight after divorce, then they may not have to be searching for new man.
CookieDevourer 5 year s ago
cycle of marriage
pre-marriage - healthy, happy, trying to look good
married - gaining fat, becoming unhappy, blaming husband for all the troubles
post-divorce - started working out, eat healthy, getting happy


is the marriage really the problem? or is just the attitude change after wedding...
Visit 5 year s ago
Its all about losing weight, noone likes fat people..
Other 5 year s ago
Seems a consistent theme here is that tge after photos are all posing photos (whether selfie or professional etc). Guess they dont have anyone to take candid snaps of them anymore
Everybody 5 year s ago
They should do another post, but this one with the before and after photos of just guys. I can't stand all this man bashing.
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