Why Do These Jobs Even Exist? (18 GIFS)

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"YouTube influencer."


"The person whose job it is to send physical spam mail. Nobody even reads it anymore."



"My Friend works at a print shop and spends most of his time printing the flyers that get sent out. He operates 3 different 1 million$ printers too get it done."



"My wife went to med school and her student loans are all federal and are at 0% interest and are in forbearance right now. At least once a week she gets a letter from SoFi to refinance her loans which would make her ineligible for any sort of loan forgiveness or federal assistance. So much wasted paper and postage sending those letters."


"In my experience: A large percentage of middle management. Usually they just wind up inventing make work reports so they can appear to be adding value."



"My company is trying to cut costs, and thankfully some of the layoffs and unfilled vacancies have been middle management. It makes me wonder what their purpose was in the first place? I swear management makes new management positions to give their work to."


"My MIL tells me that during the days of the USSR there were people who sat at desks at the entrances of subway stations. They didn’t actually do anything, but that was their job since by law for a while in the Soviet Union everyone needed to have a job."



"Their job is to be unhelpful and surly. Those jobs still exist in some post-Soviet countries."



"Telemarketer. No one likes them, and if your business plan relies on it, you should just run a better business."


"Driving around Las Vegas I passed a mobile dog treadmill service. They come to your house and let your dog walk on a treadmill inside a Sprinter van"



"idk i can see the value in this. las vegas can easily get over 100 degrees F outside, not guaranteed safe to walk a dog in that, could overheat or burn their paws. and not everyone wants a treadmill in their house."


"'Bathroom attendant. Elevator operator. Social Media Influencer."



"Imma dispute Bathroom attendants by saying, their actual job is to keep drunks form trashing the stalls, the whole towels and mints shebang is to give them something to do on the meantime."


"I think clowns are a bit unneccesary"



"Clowns are an essential part of keeping the child population from increasing out of control and disrupting the ecological balance."


"Some people taste test dog/cat food for a living."


"Casino Barge Captain

Many places in the US have riverboat casino laws that are used to justify large casino barges that are tethered in position and never move, not even having any engines or other means of conveyance. Since they are technically barges despite being immobile they are legally required to have a Captain certified to operate vessels of that tonnage and crew on board at all times of operation.

I can’t imagine a more gravy position than “exist on the premises with your piece of paper”"


"Anyone involved in an MLM."


"Elevator Operator. It’s a union job. A dude sits in a chair next to the buttons. He asks you what floor you want to go to and he pushes the button."


"For the states that require it, the gas station employees that fill up your tank. I ended up in New Jersey and it was super awkward."



"Saw this woman standing next to her SUV for ten minutes at the gas station. Finally she asks me why no one is pumping her gas for her. So I says to her “We hate you cause you’re from New Jersey.” She looks at me amazed and asks how we can tell. Eventually I let her in on the joke and helped her pump her gas. She was in her 40s, had she never driven out of NJ before?"


"Car sales people. Because you end up dealing with the sales manager when you actually purchase the vehicle. Car sales people can’t even give you a price without checking with sales manager. They are literally there to babysit you."


"There’s something called a Bubbler. They go to festivals and blow those really big bubbles and pretty much get paid to look good doing it to promote the event"



"The person who named the PS5 and got paid 600,000 dollars for it. Yes, this actually happened."


"The guy who writes the terms of service in any website"


"After extensive reasearch(the first answer on google) the most unessacery job is:

Paper Towel Smeller

I swear I’m not even joking its a real job"


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Lettice 1 year ago
in Thailand they have had automated traffic lights since the 60's. However, the Traffic police said they had nothing to do, and insist on operating them manually.

Given the standards of driving (or lack thereof), there is actually plenty to do.
Tine 1 year ago
Influencers. They are not only the most useless people around; they actually do damage to our society making kids feel miserable, imperfect and unsuccessful when comparing themselves to the "perfect, glamorous life" of said influencer. Influencers are cancer.
Hortense 1 year ago
The Most Useless and Ridiculous Jobs of the World
Restroom Attendant.
Subway Pusher.
Chief Information Officer.
Parking Attendant.
ATM Guard.
Lifeguard at the Swimming Olympics.
Pet Psychic.
Chief Ethics Officer.
per google




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