Some Of Canada’s Most Delicious Foods (17 PICS)

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Peanut Butter


There are those who love peanut butter and there are those who lie. Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a native of Quebec, created and patented the first-ever recipe for the creamy (or chunky) peanut butter goodness we all love today. MERCI, MARCELLUS!




Ah, yes, the king of stereotypical Canadian cuisine…and for good reason. Originating in 1950’s Quebec, this classically cardiac caressing dish is a concoction of crispy hot cries, piping hot gravy, and gooey cheese curds. And that’s just regular poutine. The beauty of this dish is that you can completely customize it: Pulled pork poutine, butter chicken poutine, bacon Mac N Cheese poutine… I’ve even had DESSERT poutine!


Ginger Beef


I’m Canadian and this one caught me off guard. As it so happens, Ginger Beef, my go-to “I’m piss-drunk and my stomach needs filling” meal, was in fact, invented in Alberta. Chef George Wong created the dish (with inspiration from his homeland which has utilized ginger for thousands of years) back in the 1970s. Who would’ve known! Way to go, Calgary.


Bannock (Fry Bread)


As is the case for mostbread, Bannock is an incredibly versatile (and delicious) dish invented by Canada’s Aboriginal people. A simple bread, bannock has seen a resurgence in Canada over the past decade, with both sweet and savoury versions flying off of the shelves in bakeries and food stands all across the country. My personal preference? Bannock with sugar and cinnamon. It’s like a Canadian churro.


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Caesar Cocktail


This delicious Canadian take on the Bloody Mary was invented in 1969 by Walter Chell, a native of Alberta. Comprising of Clamato juice, Worchester sauce, tobacco, and vodka, you will be hard-pressed to find a Canadian who doesn’t enjoy these on a Sunday.

Canada loves our cocktails. In fact, we’ve got a brand new recipe for a DELICIOUS Sweet & Spicy Tropical Adult Punch that is to die for. More on that later.


Nanaimo Bars


This three-layer dessert was invented in Nanaimo, British Columbia. This is incredibly sweet treat comes with a bottom ‘crumble’ layer, a middle ‘custard’ layer, and a top chocolate layer. It’s no-bake, so you don’t have to worry about anything more than “assemble, chill, cut, and eat.”


Maple Syrup


Quebec produces approximately 80% of the world’s syrup supply, and for good reason: They do it right. Proper maple syrup is incredibly tasty and equally versatile. If you haven’t tried it for your pancakes or waffles, I hiiighhllyy recommend it!


Beaver Tails


While ACTUAL beaver tails are (supposedly) delicious, this tasty treat is something completely different. Invented in the early 80s, beaver tails consist of fried dough (shaped as a beaver tail) and whichever sweet toppings you so desire. From cinnamon sugar to Nutella and marshmallow, the options are essentially endless.



Garlic Fingers


When pizza meets garlic bread. Garlic fingers are gooey, cheesy, and packed with herbs that make for a perfect treat to dip into some ranch sauce. It’s like a pizza as a side for your pizza. This dish was invented in the Canadian Atlantic.


Dry Ginger Ale


Original ginger ale was an invention of the Irish, but a Canadian scientist created the popular “dry” ginger ale back in 1907. My dad used to give me this stuff when I had a tummy ache. Did it work? I don’t know, but it is delicious.


Hawaiian Pizza


A dish of MAJOR controversy over the past few years, this pizza is often assumed to have been invented in Hawaii, for obvious reasons. News Flash: It was invented in Canada! Sam Panopoulos of Ontario is the man to thank (or curse) for this controversial yet still very popular pizza.


Tire d’érable sur la neige


For the sake of non-frenchspeakers, we’ll call this one “Maple Taffy.” It seriously does not get more Canadian than this. Maple syrup chilled and rolled onto a stick on a bed of snow. It’s like a chewy maple lollipop!



Ketchup Chips


A personal favourite, ketchup chips were invented by Hostess (a company founded in the 30s by Ontario resident Edward Snyder) in the late 70s. While the chips really don’t taste anything like actual ketchup, they offer a tangy and sweet flavour that is honestly unmatched when it comes to the world of crispy chips.

*side shout out to All Dressed chips, which are possibly the GOAT of chip flavours.


Californa Roll


An INCREDIBLY popular dish across North America, the California roll was neither invented in California nor Japan. It was invented in Canada, by Vancouver chef Hidekazu Tojo. This proverbial ‘honey garlic’ of sushi is enjoyed by many and consists of cucumber, crab or imitation crab, and avocado.


Butter Tarts


Silky, buttery, sweet goodness inside of a beautiful tart, the butter tart was invited in Barrie, Ontario, as far back as the early 1900s. This dessert is absolute perfection when it comes to taste and consistency after a nice savoury meal.




This Canadian meat pie is everything you need when it comes to a meaty dinner. Invented in Quebec, this pie often consists of minced pork, veal or beef and potatoes. Although most commonly served during the holiday season, this dish is enjoyed by many year-round.



Montreal Smoked Meat


If you’re looking for a ton of meat and a ton of flavour, look no further than a tall and tasty Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich. Similar to a pastrami sandwich, Montreal Smoked Meat has an incredibly unique texture and flavour that you’ll only ever know if you’ve had it. So, go out and grab one if you can.



Susannah 1 year ago
....they left out whale blubber.
Lauren 1 year ago
Susannah, oh God, that's priceless! Ignore any downvotes - you've won the day.
Aileen 1 year ago
#1 Who invented peanut butter? There is evidence that ancient South American Inca Indians were the first to grind peanuts to make peanut butter.
Almina 1 year ago

Per wikipedia: "the earliest example of grinding peanuts into paste has been traced to the Aztecs and Incas," modern peanut butter was invented by a Canadian with credit also given to two other inventors.
Renius 1 year ago
I was gonna rant about how multiple people/natives all figured it out, but you covered it. Also, fry bread is an Alaskan Native dish too and everyone forgets Maple trees grow in the US and people have been making snow bars for hundreds of years. The rest of the food Canada can claim.
Victor 1 year ago
#1 I hate peanut butter. The most disgusting thing I've ever tasted!
Elisha 1 year ago
Victor, I hate the name Victor. It's the most disgusting name I've ever heard.
Lib 1 year ago
#5 I'd go for that big time! Zod the trimmings and the ice but a fine bloody mary at room temperature is just to die for :-)
Ben 1 year ago
#2 "crispy hot cries" yum...
Thad 1 year ago

with a tall glass of "tears of my enemies"
Harman 1 year ago
Corey and Trevor! Get me a couple bags of chips, dressed all over and zesty mordant."
Greg 1 year ago
How could you leave out donairs?!
Nelia 1 year ago
#9 is served with donair sauce NOT ranch!
Sophia 1 year ago
Sorry Northern Bros!
Bannock bread is not a Canadian creation!
Created by and a staple of the Bannock/Nez Pierce tribes of what would become Idaho and Montana.
Became a staple on the Lewis and Clark Expedition when they first tasted it in Montana.
Levy 1 year ago

"While ACTUAL beaver tails are (supposedly) delicious..."

That's on my list of things to try- right after skunk butt.




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