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Take A Walk Through The World’s Biggest Ghost Town (21 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Travel 8 May 2017   / 11592 views

Ordos, China, was created on one-sixth of China's coal reserves, and was meant to attract almost 1 million people (which was later scaled back to 300,000) after having been built from scratch. But high property taxes and poor construction made it so that there is only around 100,000 people living there, leaving the greater part of the city completely empty.


Take A Walk Through The World’s Biggest Ghost Town

Ranking Of The World’s Most Educated Countries (11 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting 4 Oct 2016   / 3496 views

The World Economic Forum created the index using different measurements to rank the most educated countries in the world with the highest score being seven. The factors the score is based on include the rate at which people studied at a university or an equivalent as well as on five questions given by business leaders from each country like "In your country, how well does the education system meet the needs of a competitive economy?" and "In your country, to what extent do companies invest in training and employee development?"

Ranking Of The World’s Most Educated Countries

World’s Creepiest Abandoned Resorts (29 pics)

Posted in Sponsored 26 Oct 2011   / 9538 views

Creepy as they are, no wonder these abandoned resorts got abandoned. However, with approaching, it would be great to have a Halloween party in one of them.


World’s Creepiest Abandoned Resorts (29 pics)

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The Worlds Greatest Gypsum Cave (13 pics)

Posted in Pictures 23 Feb 2011   / 11012 views

Take a dive with us into the world’s greatest gypsum cave. Located near Orda village, Ordynskaya Cave is the most extended underwater cave in Russia.


The Worlds Greatest Gypsum Cave

Perfect Worlds Gamers (32 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 21 Oct 2010   / 8133 views

Sometimes gamers take their game way too seriously. They love so much their character that they even decide to look like it making sometimes such ridiculous costumes and face paintings. But hey, to each their own.


Perfect Worlds Gamers (32 pics)

One of the World's Largest Jail Systems (27 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jun 2010   / 8868 views

This jail situated in Maricopa County (Arizona, the USA) is one of the world’s largest jail systems. It has an interesting history and some strange traditions. For example, inmates have to wear socks and underwear of pink color.

The jail’s facilities got overcrowded in 1993. But in order to build a new facility, it was necessary to pay about $70 million, a huge sum of money. Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio got an idea of constructing a Tent Jail using tents donated by the USA armed forces and inmate labor. This project cost was only $100,000. And it could house about 2400 prisoners who "volunteered" to participate in the Working Inmate Program. Those inmates, who don’t want to work according to the Sheriff’s rules, have to move inside the main facility and stay there together with the rest of the prisoners.


One of the World’s Largest Jail Systems (27 pics)